Katy Perry Credits Trump For Her New ‘Full Sexual Liberation’

Over recent days and weeks, pop songstress Katy Perry has been coming out of what was left of her shell. Focusing on more than just making music, Perry has been opening up and getting seriously real with her enormous fan-base. From publicly moving forward from her Taylor Swift drama, to letting people in on her therapy sessions, to admitting that she has been guilty of cultural appropriation in the past, Katy Perry seems to have evolved into a much more real version of her famous self recently. Shockingly, the pop princess is crediting Donald Trump with some of her recent personal progress.

And while Katy Perry has never appeared to be in any way repressed or shy when it comes to her sexuality or sexuality in general (she famously ranked her exes based on their bedroom skills and rose to fame by singing about kissing a girl and liking it), her sexual openness hasn’t always existed. Katy hasn’t always been a Hollywood superstar, and her upbringing was about as far from whipped cream bras with cherries on top. As InTouch reports, both of Katy Perry’s parents are Pentecostal preachers, and she was raised in a very strict Christian household.

Despite her meteoric rise to fame, Perry believed that she had risen above the oppression and repression of her childhood. That is until Donald Trump unexpectedly won the 2016 presidential election, an event that Katy Perry credits with helping her to achieve her “full sexual liberation.”

In a recent interview, Katy Perry talked spoke of how Donald Trump’s election “retriggered” a lot of suppressed childhood emotions, emotions Perry believed she had worked past. According to Katy, the election of Donald Trump reminded her of the gender inequality she’d so closely witnessed during her childhood.

“The reality is that I was retriggered on the election. I was retriggered by a big male that didn’t see women as equal. And that had been, unfortunately, a common theme in my upbringing.”

The “big male” in question? Donald Trump, of course.

Perry, who had actively campaigned for Trump rival Hillary Clinton, went on to say that Election Day forced her to think back to her conservative childhood and how closely the current state of American politics mirrors what she endured under the thumbs of her super religious and conservative parents.

“I went to that dark place that I had been avoiding, and I dug out the mold. It was not fun, but I did that — I’m still doing that.”

According to Perry, it took a while for the immediate shock of the results of the 2016 election to wear off. Afterward, however, the singer says that her introspection led to a new level of empowerment. That, in turn, allowed her to experience a “full sexual liberation.” Because Donald Trump won.

“I feel very empowered, extremely liberated, liberated from the conditioning of the way I used to think, spiritually liberated, politically liberated, sexually liberated, liberated from things that don’t serve me.”

While Katy says that she’s now spiritually, politically, and sexually liberated, it seems unlikely that she’s going to turn her coat in gratitude during the next election cycle. Why Democrats haven’t let on who they will be trying to put on the ballot in 2020, Americans shouldn’t expect a sexually liberated and grateful Katy Perry to campaign for Donald Trump next time around.

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