Bill Maher Calls Andy Williams a “Teabag Idiot” [Video]

Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher is no stranger to controversy. After funneling more than a million dollars to reelect President Obama in the 2012 election and having said some of the more controversial statements of the election season. He is in hot water for calling deceased iconic singer Andy Williams a “Teabag Idiot”.

Maher has always held himself to a different standard than he does those in his industry. He publicly called for Rush Limbaugh’s ouster from the airwaves for referring to 30 year old Sandra Fluke a slut for her testimony concerning birth control on Capital Hill. At the same time he claimed that when he called Sarah Palin a “cu** on his show he said it wasn’t the same thing.

Andy Williams was known at the end of his life as a person who supported the conservative movement and the Tea Party which it spawned bringing down Maher’s wrath.

Here’s the full context, from Maher’s Twitter feed:

Bill Maher Tweet

In addition to being an outspoken critic of conservatives Maher has also been an outspoken supporter of the atheist movement. Maher created a movie called “Religulous” which went around the world poking fun at different religious beliefs of different people.

Maher also went on a rant during the election questioning Mitt Romney’s fitness for President because of his own religious beliefs (see video below). Maher described Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion, as a traveling salesman who if he hadn’t founded the Mormon religion in modern times he would have ben the type of person who sent you spam e-mails trying to sell you Viagra.

Watch Maher’s rant on Mormonism here.