‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Returns — James Patrick Stuart Spotted Back On ‘GH’ Set

General Hospital spoilers from recent behind-the-scenes photos show that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is already back in town, so it looks like the Greek will skate on his criminal charges. Not only is Valentin back, but he’s reunited with his sister Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for several pivotal scenes. What is Valentin up to and how did he escape justice? This plot should be good.

WSB can’t hold Valentin

As of last week, GH spoilers showed us that Valentin was taken away by the WSB and is in their custody at The Hague, in the Netherlands, supposedly never to be seen again. However, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) was reluctant to write him off even though Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) encouraged her not to back down. Anna’s not cheering for Valentin to get life in prison.

Other General Hospital spoilers show Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) is playing nice for now, but that’s because she thinks her Papa will be back anytime. It doesn’t help that Valentin’s video message, delivered by Anna, encouraged the child to believe he won’t be gone for long. In truth, Valentin is gone just a couple of weeks since the actor is back on set already shooting scenes.

How will Valentin evade justice?

It turns out Alex Devane Marick (Finola Hughes) was right when she told Valentin that the WSB couldn’t convict him of the theft and sale of the Chimera without her testimony. Everyone who knew about the crime seems to be dead or unavailable. Anna wasn’t part of the original crime – it was Alex. Since Alex escaped the WSB and ran off, there are no first-hand witnesses against Valentin. GH spoilers say the WSB is thwarted.

Anything Anna knows is hearsay. Plus, the culprit that almost unleashed the Chimera, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), is dead and moldering in her grave. Helena could have tied Valentin to the theft and sale of the toxin, but she can’t testify. Even if Anna might be able to help convict Valentin, she doesn’t seem inclined to do so. The bottom line is the WSB will have to let him go.

Valentin back in Port Charles in July

Social media posts offer General Hospital spoilers about Valentin’s fate and return to Port Charles. The actor, James Patrick Stuart, celebrated his birthday on Friday, June 16, on the GH set. He showed off a lemon cake made by Michelle Stafford (aka his GH wife Nina Clay) and a cute card from Scarlett Fernandez who plays his TV kid Charlotte.

On Thursday, June 15, James shared behind-the-scenes GH set photos of him shooting outdoor scenes at the Port Charles park everyone frequents. James was shooting with Nancy Lee Grahn, and it seems the Cassadine half-siblings were having a tense discussion, no doubt about some family business. On June 13, the official General Hospital Twitter feed also showed James hard at work on set.

From General Hospital spoilers, it looks like James Patrick Stuart’s Valentin will only be away from Port Charles a week or two. The GH set was dark for the last two weeks of May and into early June. During that time, judging from James’ Twitter feed, he was out climbing mountains and hiking, as he loves to do. But the lights are back on at GH, and it seems James was back shooting early last week.

Will Spencer take down Valentin?

Valentin may have skated on the WSB’s criminal charges, but General Hospital spoilers promise he’s got to face the music back in Port Charles. Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) believes it’s his duty to avenge Nikolas Cassadine (formerly Tyler Christopher) and get the Cassadine estate back in his hands. Nathan Varni said in a recent podcast that Nik is dead and there’s no recast, so Spencer is all alone in this fight.

General Hospital spoilers promise that once Valentin is back in Port Charles, then Spencer will confront him about shooting his father. How will Valentin respond to the boy’s outrage since Valentin is a caring parent himself? There’s also the matter of Charlotte who is being bullied by Spencer because of his anger at her father. Valentin must find a way to make peace with his extended family.

Valentin may be in Port Charles to stay!

General Hospital spoilers hint that Valentin might soon be a regular in town. In a recent interview, actor James Patrick Stuart said he had originally been brought in for a short five-to-10 episode arc. Fan reaction was favorable and the run extended into a larger plot. Many GH viewers assumed when the “bad” guy was arrested, that was the end. Nope. Valentin is back and could be here to stay.

We’ll find out soon if Valentin can get a fresh start with the other Cassadines for the sake of Charlotte, if for no other reason. Do you think Valentin can be forgiven? Are you happy he’s sticking around Port Charles? Check back for more General Hospital spoilers.

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