Camille Cosby Gets Twitter Backlash For Statement Blaming D.A., Rape Accusers Lawyers, Media – Not Her Husband

Camille Cosby is currently receiving plenty of backlash on Twitter, after the wife of Bill Cosby had her statement posted to Bill’s Twitter account in the wake of his mistrial. Camille’s angry statement came in the wake of Bill’s verdict of a mistrial after Cosby’s jury was deadlocked. The “Statement From Mrs. Camille Cosby” is mostly gaining wrath in the reply section of Twitter, with Camille blaming the District Attorney, the media, and others in the statement.

As reported by CNN, Cosby’s aggravated indecent assault case culminated in a mistrial decision on Saturday. The deadlocked Pennsylvania jury means that the seven men and five women couldn’t come to a decision, and the ending brought a statement from 79-year-old Camille that criticized Bill’s judge, prosecution and the media.

Camille’s statement began with questions asking how to describe the District Attorney, the judge, and even the lawyers of Bill’s rape accusers. With words like “heinous” and “exploitive” and “totally unethical” peppering her statement, Camille is being called hypocritical for using such words against others, including the media. Camille made sure to say she was only calling certain members of the general media “blatantly vicious entities.”

However, a scroll through Cosby’s replies on Twitter prove that Bill and Camille are on the receiving end of plenty of GIFs and comments calling them choice words as well, or getting a middle-finger salute from some Twitter users via GIF animation.

The jury in the case was comprised of seven men and five women. According to CNN, four of the women in the jury were white, while one woman was black. Of the seven men, the publication lists six of those men as white men and one as a black man. The jury had been bused in to Norristown.

“The jury was made up of four white women, six white men, one black woman and one black man. They were bused to Norristown from Allegheny County near Pittsburgh and were sequestered in a hotel for the trial.”

Camille appeared with Bill during certain days of Cosby’s sexual assault trial. As seen in the top photo above, Camille joined Cosby at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Monday, June 12.

However, it is Camille’s “Statement From Mrs. Camille Cosby” on Twitter that is getting loads of replies on social media, including reactions to Camille’s statement on Facebook.

[Featured Image by Matt Rourke/AP Images]