Carrie Fisher’s Brother Reacts To Coroner Report, Says He’s ‘Not Surprised’ Drugs Were Involved

Iconic Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, passed away in December 2016 just one day before her mother, the equally iconic Debbie Reynolds. The star endured cardiac arrest on a flight from London to her hometown of Los Angeles and died just a few days after. The cause of death has been unknown up until recently, when coroners concluded that she passed from a combination of drug use and sleep apnea, amongst other factors.

The star, who left behind one daughter, Billie Lourd, has been candid about her struggles with mental illness and drug use. At one point, she stated she was using harder drugs than her prescriptions, like LSD and cocaine.

The coroner alleged that Carrie Fisher had taken multiple drugs before her death, which is partially what caused her to pass.

Her brother, Todd Fisher, recently spoke to the Associated Press, saying that he didn’t feel like any of this was a surprise to their family and that this is what they expected all along.

“I am not shocked that part of her health was affected by drugs. If you want to know what killed her, it’s all of it.”

The Star Wars actress famously struggled with depression and even asked to be cremated and buried in a giant Prozac pill, which was honored by her family.

Carrie Fisher was especially close to her mother, Debbie Reynolds. The pair were so close that they even lived next door to one another in Los Angeles, and the pain and heartbreak of losing Carrie was so horrific that Debbie died the day following her daughter’s death. In the wake of the grief of hearing about her daughter’s untimely death, Debbie Reynolds suffered a “severe stroke” the following day and died that afternoon.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were buried next to one another, staying together in death as they did in life.

Todd Fisher has remained close to his niece, Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd. He has even praised her boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, whom she met on the set of Scream Queens, for supporting her through this incredibly difficult time in her life.

Billie Lourd made a brief statement about her mother’s cause of death yesterday, echoing her uncle’s sentiments. She was not surprised by the findings of the coroner either and stated that her mother ultimately died from mental illness and drug addiction.

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