Jaden Smith Just Released A Brilliantly Awful 'Batman' Music Video

Jaden Smith, the 18-year-old son of Hollywood royalty parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is no stranger to controversy. Jaden spent the summer of 2016 embroiled in massive and repeated death hoaxes that accused him of taking his own life. He's no stranger to wearing dresses both on and off the red carpet, even once attending a high school prom in a skirt. When Jaden Smith failed his driving test, he took to Instagram from the DMV parking lot, lamenting his lot in life.

Most recently, Jaden bashed the Four Seasons Toronto Hotel on Twitter after he claims that the posh establishment tried to poison his pancakes with cheese. (In the hotel's defense, while Jaden is an avowed vegan, their menu lists those pancakes as Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes.) In fact, the cheesy pancake incident blew up to such extreme proportions that Jaden Smith found himself asked to leave the hotel and find a new place to crash.

Now, the eccentric young Jaden Smith is making headlines for his strange behavior once again. This time, it has apparently taken the form of a new "Batman" music video, and as MovieWeb reports, critics can't decide whether or not Jaden's effort is "brilliant," "awful," or "brilliantly awful." Check it out.

It's unclear where Jaden Smith is going with his new music video, and it really has to be seen to be believed. However, belief doesn't necessarily equate understanding, something that "Batman" provides very little of. It is also worth noting that Jaden Smith's new music video hit social media on June 14, just days after the original Batman, Adam West himself, passed away at the age of 88.

This adaptation of a suited-up Bruce Wayne opens up with a disoriented Jaden Smith waking up in a field, his phone conveniently (and thankfully) nearby. As luck would have it, the white Batsuit-clad Jaden wakes up just in time to see the Bat-Signal hovering in the sky, to which he responds by inexplicably cursing over and over again to himself. Apparently, when Jaden Smith is Batman, the F-word doubles as a catch phrase.

Throughout the video, Jaden uses a glass of water as a fidget spinner, writes the word "Batman" on his office's ultra-modern glass walls, pays homage to Morrissey, jumps rope, and gets hot, sweaty, and shirtless to wrestle with another hot guy.

And the song hasn't even started yet.

When "Batman" does get a chance to shine, viewers are largely treated to a single word repeated over and over. Batman.

Jaden, at times donning that famous white Batman costume (he once wore something similar to a high school dance), fights crime, tours Hollywood and raps for the remainder of the video, which has been described as anything from a "brilliant piece of art" to a "desperate cry for help."

"It's either the most brilliant piece of art you've ever witnessed or a desperate cry for help that will leave you laughing when you might should call the kid some help, instead. Who knows?"
As the credits roll, Jaden Smith is listed as "Bruce Bat" as he fights real life performance artists dressed as Superman and Batman on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Apparently, these folks are the real deal and completely unaware that the caped crusader they are "fighting" is none other than Jaden Smith.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]