Steve Bannon On His Way Out? Source Tweets Startling Allegations, Claims Bannon Is ‘Done’ [Update]

Editor’s note: Recently, a story based on a source associated with Claude Taylor was debunked as a hoax by the Guardian and disavowed by Taylor. In light of this, we advise any information derived from sources provided by Claude Taylor to be viewed in the light cast by this revelation.

Could Steve Bannon be on his way out of the White House? If what a former White House staff member claims is true, Bannon could be “done.”

President Trump’s chief strategist is accused of making physical threats to a couple of female White House staff members, according to a former staffer with inside information. President Trump’s chief strategist is also said to be under investigation for obstruction in the Russia scandal. These claims were tweeted by Claude Taylor, a White House staffer who worked with the Clinton administration and served on three presidential campaigns. He’s known to be resourceful and impart information he receives with his Twitter followers.

In Taylor’s words, Steve Bannon is being investigated for obstruction, details he obtained from the Eastern District of Virginia. In the same tweet, he cited a source alleging that Bannon made physical threats to White House staff members. It’s unknown when it happened, but he expounded on the claim in another tweet by saying the threats were made on two female staffers. Apparently, Trump’s right-hand man blocked access to exit doors, which made the women frightened and “afraid for their personal safety.”

A few other news outlets are picking up this story, such as Palmer Report and Independent Reporter. Taylor explains that what he knows about Steve Bannon won’t be “BREAKING NEWS” in the mainstream media for a few weeks.

Independent Reporter noted that the allegations echo what Morning Joe addressed back in March over Steve Bannon’s temper. Joe Scarborough discussed Bannon’s attempt to intimidate the House Freedom Caucus during a meeting. There have been other accounts given about how the former Briebert executive loses his cool when things don’t go his way.

These allegations against Steve Bannon come as things inside the White House become even more unraveled. More senior officials and aides of the president’s are at the focus of an investigation in which possible collusion played out between the Trump campaign and the Russia before and after the 2016 election.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is a person of interest in the investigation. Additionally, Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s own attorney, Michael Cohen, have hired their own attorneys to represent them in the probe. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hired a team of high profile prosecutors to lead the effort in preparing a case in what’s perceived to be against the entire Trump administration.

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