June 17, 2017
Michelle Carter Conviction: Friends And Family Of Victim Conrad Roy Speak Out In Text Message Killer Case

Michelle Carter, who urged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter yesterday. And now family and friends of Conrad Roy, the victim of her sick games, have spoken out in support of the conviction.

Roy's high school friend, Mike Hawkins, told People that he was extremely glad she was convicted.

"I think it was a good decision — the right decision. At the end of the day, she has to live with what happened for the rest of her life. I am happy she was found guilty, because you can't do stuff like that and expect to get away with it."
Michelle Carter has urged ex-boyfriend, Conrad Roy, who was already struggling with suicidal thoughts, to kill himself through a series of text messages. At first, Carter acted as though she would help him rectify the situation by getting the help he needed, but then she started to tell him it was too late and that he should simply consider killing himself. She even came up with a plan for him and helped him carry it out--and then played the role of the grieving girlfriend once he was found dead. Many say that Michelle Carter's biggest motive was attention.

Michelle Carter breaks down in the courtroom
Michelle Carter cries while flanked as she is found guilty of manslaughter [Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]

Michelle Carter had texted Conrad Roy over 1,000 times, urging him to end his life.

Conrad Roy's mother, Lynn Roy, stated that she was also glad that the law came down hard on Miss Carter.

"I think she needs to be held responsible for her actions 'cause she knew exactly what she was doing," she said during a CBS News interview.

According to Lynn Roy, she doesn't believe that Michelle Carter has a conscience at all and that her sick games were a result of someone with something very wrong with them.

She also balked at one particular text message Michelle Carter sent her son, which stated that his friends and family would "get over him," something that she takes great offense to. Lynn Roy stated in the interview that she will never "get over" her son.

Although the sentence has not yet been handed out, Michelle Carter faces up to 20 years in prison. It is not known if she and her team will attempt to overturn the conviction with an appeal.

Several of her teammates on the school's softball team have stated that they are incredibly surprised to find that Michelle Carter was behind the sick game, saying that they had never seen her do a mean thing before this occurred.

Michelle Carter will be sentenced on August 3, at which point a judge will determine her fate for her involvement in Conrad Roy's untimely death.

Michelle Carter receives a guilty verdict
Michelle Carter breaks down in tears as she receives the verdict. [Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Glenn C.Silva/Fairhaven Neighborhood News, Pool/AP Images]