Abby Lee Miller Details What She Wants Her Final Meal Before Prison To Be

Abby Lee Miller will be heading to prison for a year and a day later this month, and she’s already decided what meal she’s going to enjoy before she gets locked up.

The star was caught by TMZ as she left the LA based seafood restaurant Catch, and she detailed what she was looking forward to before she self-surrenders.

“If I say Red Lobster coming out of Catch would that be bad? I think the biscuits. The cheddar biscuits.”

The former reality TV star was given six weeks to get her affairs in order before she heads to prison, and she’s certainly been busy. The Dance Moms alum has been giving Q&As, headed to Disney World and has even been seen at a few movie and TV premieres.

Abby Lee Miller is still in disbelief at what happened, as she doesn’t believe her crimes amount to the time she’s been asked to serve. Still, she is headed to the clink and hopes to make the most of it while she’s away.

She divulged in an interview that during her time in prison, she’s going to make time to work on many different things, as she doesn’t want to be idle for the year and a day.

During her time in prison, Abby Lee Miller plans to write a tell-all book all about her time on Dance Moms that will surely be juicy. She quit the show with a caustic Instagram post just a few weeks before the show’s production of Season 7B was to end, and slammed the producers in the process. She has also revealed that none of the original mothers from Dance Moms have reached out to her since her sentencing, and that she feels totally alone due to them ignoring her. Some of the moms were even seen celebrating her going to jail.

She also plans to learn Spanish while she’s locked up, though she hasn’t said what she’ll be using it for. Additionally, she wants to achieve better financial literacy so that what happened to her to get her into prison doesn’t occur a second time.

Lastly, the reality star has revealed that she will be working on a scripted TV show that she describes as “where Dance Moms left off.” She’s also trying to make a Broadway production of Dance Moms: The Musical a reality.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]