Breatharian Diet Claims Bunk? New Reports Cast Doubt On ‘Food-Free’ Couple’s Purported Lifestyle

Reports of a couple claiming to be on a Breatharian diet and not feeling hungry for nearly a decade despite eating only three times a week may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

For a backgrounder on the ongoing story of the so-called “food-free” couple, numerous publications, including the Independent, wrote about 34-year-old Camila Castillo (misspelled as “Camilla Castello” on most reports) and 36-year-old Akahi Ricardo, an ostensibly healthy couple with two children, and an interesting set of claims – they only eat three times a week, and haven’t gone hungry in the nine years since they switched to Breatharianism. As part of their Breatharian diet, Castillo and Ricardo reportedly live on “cosmic nourishment,” feeding off the universe’s energy in lieu of actual food.

Since the food-free couple’s story of their Breatharian diet and how it’s worked for them broke out on news outlets, the couple has received a mix of positive and negative comments on their social media. While some users praised their move as an example of how the need for people to eat three meals a day is a “lie” told by the food companies, many others have been far more critical, calling Camila and Akahi out for making what they see are illogical claims.

“Eating is a myth? Please never reproduce. Most ridiculous statement and article I’ve ever witnessed.”

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However, a new fact-check from Snopes suggests that there may be some serious issues with Castillo and Ricardo’s story, mainly that numerous publications had reported on their Breatharianism without doing any verification on the food-free couple’s claims. Worse, there is a good chance that going on a similar Breatharian diet and trying to go without food or water for an extended period of time could ultimately prove to be fatal.

One such example took place in 2012, according to a report from the Daily Mail. At that time, a Swiss woman in her 50s had starved to death after going on a “spiritual journey” that would have her living exclusively on sunlight, without any food or water to sustain her. The woman had reportedly gotten the idea to go on a Breatharian diet after watching a documentary film, where an Indian guru claimed to have survived despite not eating a morsel of food in 70 years.

The Daily Mail‘s report also cited similar cases of Breatharian diets proving to be fatal, such as the case of Australian woman Verity Linn, who died in 1999 at the age of 49 after going on a “spiritual cleanse” that involved a 21-day fast. In the aforementioned reports, Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo claimed to have given up food for three years, though they did not mention anything about not drinking any liquids.

An article from Live Science noted that people can generally exist without water for anywhere between three to 10 days, depending on the circumstances, and can live without food for about three weeks or so.

In addition to the above data, Snopes also wrote that there are some people who claim to be on the Breatharian diet who admitted to, or were caught eating food or drinking liquids despite claiming not to eat or drink. One example is Breatharianism founder Jasmuheen, who, as Snopes added, “demonstrates signs of eating,” and had admitted to doing so in the past.

“Jasmuheen freely admits to drinking orange juice regularly and occasionally nibbling chocolate biscuits for a ‘taste sensation.’ In the past she has described her diet as including tea with honey and soya milk, chocolate, crisps, soup and the odd piece of fruit.”

All in all, there’s no doubt that the Breatharianism diet success story of Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo now has a lot of potential holes in it. But as the Inquisitr stressed in its earlier report on the food-free couple, it’s always important to consult your doctor before going on such diets or lifestyle changes.

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