Arrest Video From ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star, Sig Hansen, Released: ‘I Suppose I Gotta Pay The Piper’

Seattle police have now released the arrest video of the Deadliest Catch star, Sig Hansen, just a few days before his pretrial hearing, on Monday. The video, which also includes full audio, was taken on May 18, the date of the incident that the F/V Northwestern captain was arrested for misdemeanor assault and property destruction.

Sig Hansen was out with his wife June, daughter Mandy, and son-in-law, Clark Pederson. The quartet had gone out to celebrate Norwegian Independence Day. The Hansen family are proud Norwegian-Americans and share a lot of their customs on the Deadliest Catch.

Sig was accused of spitting on an Uber driver, as well as kicking and denting the driver’s vehicle. Clark, a deckhand for Hansen, was also charged with assault for spitting on the vehicle as well. Clark is also seen on the Deadliest Catch, most recently shown asking Sig’s permission to marry Mandy.

So, according to the video, what exactly was said between Sig and the Seattle police?

First, Sig argued with the police that the incident with the Uber driver never occurred. According to the Seattle Times, this is one of the lies that led to the police arrest of Hansen. If he had not lied, he would not have been arrested. Instead, Sig started talking and got himself into a heap of trouble.

“When you hire someone to take you home so you don’t drive drunk, and the guy complicates things, it’s like uh — you know, I’m a person of principles. And when you can’t act with your principles, you have a problem. You know what I mean?”

When the police confronted Hansen about the altercation with the Uber driver, Sig played dumb.

“I don’t know what Uber guy you’re talking about.”

Then, an “agitated” Sig then explained to the officers that they took an Uber, and they got home safely.

“I got an Uber guy, his name is Issa. He took me home. We’re here. We had Norwegian Independence Day. Everybody’s happy, I got my family home. We’re safe and sound. That’s it!”

Sig was quite agitated, but the Deadliest Catch star calmed down after he was cuffed and taken to the police car. Then, Sig explained that his son-in-law attempted to pay the Uber driver with a hundred dollar bill, but he stated that the driver told him that this “didn’t jive on his paperwork.”

According to the police paperwork, Sig was described as “heavily intoxicated.” The reality star explained to them that he was angry that the Uber driver didn’t take the cash he offered him.

“When you’re trying to get a ride and you have a hundred dollars waved in your face and you don’t take it, you got to be kind of stupid.”

The driver had told police that he “was notified the trip had been canceled in the Uber App.” Realizing he was not going to be paid, he told Sig and family that he didn’t take cash. They needed to book the ride online. He told them they had to book another driver, using the Uber app. The driver said that is when they waved the cash at him, and he repeated that he could not accept any cash.

In the video, the police asked Sig if he kicked the vehicle. Sig offered that he thought he “kicked his tire.” Later, Sig drunkenly admitted, “I suppose I gotta pay the piper.”

The driver had reported to the officers that Sig had kicked the rear of the passenger side of his vehicle. thus causing damage. The Uber driver filed a report that his car now has a dent.

Have you now watched the entire video of Sig Hansen’s arrest? Do you have any comments or opinions about the arrest of the Deadliest Catch star?

[Featured Image by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]