American Alpha Expected To Undergo Major Character Changes On ‘SmackDown Live’

American Alpha is arguably the most talented tag team in WWE today. There is competition for the title, but Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are unlikely to make their case if their booking continues to be like it has been for the past few months on SmackDown Live. After being drafted to “the blue brand,” American Alpha got a big push and became the Tag Team Champions rather quickly. However, their run at the top didn’t last long.

A lot of people are curious about why WWE officials have booked Gable and Jordan the way they have over the past year. Their run at the top of NXT was cut short, and their run on top of SmackDown was as well. At the moment, the duo is directionless on WWE television, but the powers that be could be looking to change that soon. It’s now being said that American Alpha will undergo some major character changes very soon.

It’s being reported that American Alpha are expected to begin a “huge angle” sooner rather than later. There was some speculation that it could have happened last week, but that clearly did not happen. Creative plans for them may have been delayed until after WWE Money in the Bank, but there’s something in the works for Gable and Jordan. It’s said to be only a matter of time before they make a huge return to WWE television.

American Alpha Have Been Underutilized For the Past Several Months
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There have been rumors about them working with Kurt Angle eventually. However, they’ve shared a desire to get over on their own without the help of the WWE Hall of Famer. In that case, it’s possible that WWE is planning a huge heel turn for them, which would mean different personas, entrance music, and in-ring work for the tag team. Of course, there’s also a possibility of WWE officials choosing to break up American Alpha.

For most successful tag teams, a breakup angle and feud is only a matter of time. There is still a lot for Gable and Jordan to do as a team, but the two will need to go their separate ways eventually. Based on look alone, a huge push for Jordan seems imminent. However, Kurt Angle has personally given his stamp of approval to Gable. Either man could be the heel in a feud, but WWE officials need to make the right decision for both.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan Both Have Very Different Futures Ahead of Them
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Unless there’s a specific plan for both men, it’s unlikely that either man would be successful on SmackDown because the WWE Universe isn’t truly acquainted with them. American Alpha hasn’t been fully established on WWE television yet. Whatever the big angle is that’s coming for the tag team, it should fix that issue first.

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