Melania And President's Camp David Trip No. 1 Launched As More Photos Of Melania's Blue Coat Dress Emerge

On Father's Day Weekend, amid plenty of scrutiny about his presidency, President Donald Trump has escaped to Camp David with First Lady Melania Trump, representing the first time President Trump and Melania will visit Camp David. As reported by the Inquisitr, tracking President Trump via social media geo-tagging on the weekends usually involves scouring Instagram locations at Trump golf clubs or hotels. However, with President Trump and Melania enjoying Camp David this weekend, during their first trip there of his presidency, which is the first weekend trip at a non-Trump residency, the chances that photos of Trump at the Camp David Instagram location will show up are still a possibility.

As seen in the below Instagram post, theories on whether President Trump will show up at the nearby Maple Run Golf Club are being posited, although it's not certain whether or not President Trump would take time, attention, and publicity away from his own Trump golf properties.

Meanwhile, as the world waits for photos of President Trump and Melania on their way to Camp David, additional photos of Melania and Mr. Trump have emerged from their attempted visit on Tuesday, June 14 -- President Trump's 71st birthday -- to the victims of the tragic shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. As seen above, President Trump and Melania greeted Doctor Ira Rabin as they left the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in D.C.

As reported by CNN, the first visit to Camp David by President Trump and Melania should represent a much different experience than spending the weekend at a Trump property. The publication notes that it's a surprising turn for President Trump to visit Camp David, since Mr. Trump previously called it "rustic," and said he would only like it for about 30 minutes.

Camp David could feature a rodent scurrying by -- a sight that sent former First Lady Hillary Clinton into a screaming fit that brought Secret Service running. Camp David could be a sanctuary and a haven for some presidents and their wives. President Trump's Twitter page will likely reveal his thoughts about Camp David before long. That is if President Trump and Melania don't escape Camp David for the nearest Trump hotel by Father's Day.

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]