‘My 600-lb Life’ Steven Update: Assanti Sibling Airs Wish To Host TV Show, Star In A Movie Soon

Over the course of its run on TLC, My 600-lb Life has had its own fair share of unforgettable subjects. Very few, however, could hold a candle to Steven Assanti, who has largely been considered as one of the most abrasive patients ever to be featured in the hit reality TV series. Since appearing on My 600-lb Life, however, Steven has done a complete turnaround in social media, adopting a kinder, more genuine persona and being more pleasant in general. As could be seen in his recent social media activity, Steven has become quite popular on Facebook, and the elder Assanti sibling has voiced his wishes to be a TV show host or a movie actor in the near future.

Steven Assanti has always been quite a character. Even before he was featured in My 600-lb Life, he had already courted controversy online due to his YouTube channel, where he uploaded a number of videos that many netizens found offensive. One of these, where he effectively insults taxpayers for paying his welfare, has managed to strike a raw nerve among fans of My 600-lb Life, with many suggesting that someone like Steven should not have been allowed on the hit reality TV show. Things almost reached a boiling point after his episode was aired, after Steven posted a message on his Facebook account accusing the hit reality TV show of being a scam.

After the initial flurry of social media activity in the wake of his My 600-lb Life episode, however, Steven has kept a pretty low-key profile on Facebook. Recently, he reactivated an account under his real name, and so far, Steven has not done or posted anything remotely similar to his abrasive actions in his YouTube videos or while on the hit reality TV show. Since being active in social media once more, Steven has kept his supporters up to date with his progress, posting photos of himself as he continued on his weight loss journey.

His most recent post, where he voiced his wish to become a TV host or movie star in the near future, has managed to gain quite a lot of attention from his followers in the social media platform. Needless to say, his fans and followers have largely supported his proposal, though there are some who have reacted to his post in a rather negative way. While most of the comments to Steven’s recent post were positive, some have stated that he should change as a person first before attempting to tackle show business as a career.

Steven has always been pretty transparent about his wish to become a celebrity, and his antics and actions on My 600-lb Life almost seem like they were part of his efforts to attract attention. Needless to say, Steven did draw attention, though much of it was largely negative. Nevertheless, his apparent change in personality might be a good sign. If Steven has really begun to reform himself, and his actions in social media seem to reflect this, he might very well be a person worth watching in the future.

[Featured Image by TLC]