Hugo Chavez’s Cancer Is Back, Will Undergo Surgery

Hugo Chavez’s cancer is back and he will be returning to Cuba for another surgery, according to announcement the Venezuelan president made on Saturday night.

Chavez, along with announcing the return of his cancer, also named his successor for the first time, saying that Vice President Nicolas Maduro will take his place should anything happen, reports The Washington Post.

The Venezuelan president added, “We should guarantee the advance of the Bolivarian Revolution,” after naming Maduro as his successor. Chavez stated that tests he underwent in Cuba this week showed the return of “some malignant cells” in the same location where he previously had tumors removes.

Chavez stated that he will have surgery to remove the latest cancer growth in the coming days. He added, “I need to return to Havana tomorrow.” Hugo Chavez’s cancer returning could be more serious than the government lets on.

Outside medical experts looking at Chavez’s situation have said that he will face an incredibly tough battle against the cancer, which is likely why he named a successor for the first time, should he be unable to complete his current term, which ends in January.

The announcement of the return of Chavez’s cancer was broadcast in a 30 minute nation-wide address, notes The Guardian. The socialist leader added, “I have complete faith that with God’s help we will emerge victorious. We have always lived from one miracle to another.”

Hugo Chavez had the most recent tests done during the visit to Cuba, where he underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He also expressed his sorrow at having to convey the information to the people of Venezuela. The socialist leader stated, “This situation pains me deeply because of the pain it causes to millions of you. But as I’ve said before, Chavez is no longer this human being, he is a collective.”

Hugo Chavez’s cancer being back likely means a long road of surgery and chemotherapy.