June 17, 2017
Gal Gadot's Husband Yaron Versano Goes Viral With Photo Of 'Wonderful' T-Shirt: Where Can You Get It?

Gal Gadot's husband, Yaron Versano, is quite the lucky man — he happens to be married to Hollywood's newest Wonder Woman. And while his intent may not have been to rub it in, an Imgur photo showing Versano wearing a t-shirt that reminds people of that fact has gone viral, getting over 1.3 million views since the photo was uploaded on Thursday.

As Glamour recalled in a 2016 article, Gal Gadot met her husband, an Israeli businessman, at a "very strange party" in the desert. And while the 32-year-old actress and her future husband didn't find much to relate to at the party, they did hit it off soon enough, despite Yaron Versano being 10 years her senior. Gal and Yaron were married in 2008, about two years after they had first met, and since that time, they've had two daughters, 5-year-old Alma, and 3-month-old Maya. It's also worth noting that Gadot has credited Versano for inspiring her to keep chasing her acting dreams, wrote the Huffington Post.

With Gal Gadot now married to her husband for close to a decade, it doesn't seem like a surprise that he's proud of that fact, proud enough to wear a T-shirt that tells the world whom he's married to. On Thursday, Yaron Versano posted a photo of himself and his wife, with Versano wearing a black shirt featuring a generic female icon above the words "your wife," and next to that, a Wonder Woman-shaped icon above the words "my wife."

The Huffington Post wrote that the photo got over 1.2 million views within the first 12 hours after it was uploaded to Imgur, and as of this writing, it's gotten close to 200,000 more new views. Versano has also posted the photo on his Instagram account, where it's gotten almost 54,000 likes since getting shared yesterday. And while the shirt Yaron is wearing is getting a fair amount of attention, reports have noted that it is possible – and relatively affordable – to buy a similar t-shirt on the internet.It's not sure where exactly Versano got his shirt, but Buzzfeed wrote that anyone who wants to honor their wives much like Gal Gadot's husband did can head over to Amazon and buy an identical-looking t-shirt. We're willing to guess that supplies of that shirt may be running low thanks to Yaron Versano's viral photo, though a look at the Amazon website suggests that there are different variants, ranging in price from $17 to $27, as well as a mug with a similar theme, priced at $14.99.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]