HP Responds To Apple Manufacturing: We Have Always Been ‘Made In USA’

Hewlett Packard wants buyers to know that many of its main systems have always been “Made in the USA.” A recent discovery regarding Apple products being manufactured in the United States has spread like wildfire while other responsible US manufacturers have been tossed to the wayside.

HP notes that it has been assembling its PCs in the United States “since the beginning.” In a company blog post, officials at Hewlett Packard note that its workstations and commercial desktop PCs are made in Indianapolis while its servers are manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Hewlett Packard says US manufacturing has allowed the company to more quickly serve customers. The company says the process is faster than “building them in China and shipping them by sea.”

An HP rep speaking to CNet notes that US built HP products are:

“A higher value product than we might do in Asia. A higher level of customers that need build-to-order and close proximity.”

While HP has watched sales slip in recent years, the company’s US assembly numbers are nothing to scoff at with 2.9 million PCs to be assembled in the United States in 2013.

HP currently employs hundreds of workers at its US-based facilities, and those employees generate billions of dollars in sales.

Hewlett Packard in a separate blog post also said plans were in the works to bring production of its consumer friendly PCs back to the United States.

As shipping costs continue to increase rapidly and overseas workers continue to demand higher pay, the shift back to US manufacturing may be on the horizon for many companies. In many cases, the shift back to US manufacturing has already begun for America’s top organizations.