‘Ray Donovan’ Season 5 Release Date: Trailer Features New Cast Member Susan Sarandon And More

Season 5 of Showtime series Ray Donovan has a set release date of August 6. In the previous season, Ray Donovan managed to keep his family together and get rid of the Russian gang that threatened them. He also managed to avoid ending up behind bars amid the Hector Campos drama. The fifth season of Ray Donovan will feature 12 episodes and new cast member Susan Sarandon will portray Donovan’s new client.

Liev Schreiber reprises his role as L.A.’s finest professional fixer for the Hollywood elite. Susan Sarandon plays Samantha Winslow in a reoccurring role, according to Deadline. Winslow is the head of a movie studio and will require Ray’s services for a hefty fee.

In the trailer for the fifth season which you can watch below, Ray Donovan battles with his moral conflictions doing his job while he tries to keep his dysfunctional family intact. Ray’s task for the upcoming season is to protect a young and attractive actress Natalie James, who is portrayed by Lili Simmons. Additional new cast members include Adina Porter and Brian White in yet-to-be announced roles.

Season 4 ended on a positive note, Abby recovered from her breast cancer and Ray’s daughter is heading off to college.

The upcoming season will focus on Ray Donovan and his business in Hollywood. The showrunner David Hollander also told the Hollywood Reporter that Season 5 of Ray Donovan will include a time jump but the set time was not specified. As with previous seasons, the series will feature guest stars and Hank Azaria may return to reprise his role as former FBI agent Ed Cochran.

While there are rumors that the series will end in its fifth season, Hollander intends to write the series going up to a potential sixth or seventh season. Jon Voight’s Mickey will continue to try and mend his relationship with his sons, and Sarandon’s character Winslow attempts to set Ray against his own fixers in what is expected to be an action-packed season. Some of the guest stars in the fifth season include Rhys Coiro, Tara Buck, C. Thomas Howell and Dominique Columbus.

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