‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Update: DeMario Was Not Fired From His Job Due To Scandal, Star Resigned Back In March

As the controversy heats up in the alleged Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal involving alums Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, recent reports have emerged that the latter was fired from his job at Michael Page due to the fallout of the incident. In an interesting update, however, Michael Page, DeMario’s previous employer, has issued a statement debunking the reports, stating that unlike what has been suggested in initial accounts, the Bachelor in Paradise contestant had actually left the firm before the new season of the hit reality TV series began filming.

Reports of Jackson losing his job as a result of the ongoing sex scandal between him and fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant Corinne Olympios emerged after Inside Edition was able to get a statement from DeMario himself. According to Jackson, he has suffered significantly as a result of the scandal, with his character essentially getting assassinated. After stating that he would like the tapes of the incident to be released in order for him to clear his name, DeMario said that the allegations had led to his termination from his work as an executive recruiter.

While the Inside Edition report did not specify the firm that allegedly fired DeMario over the scandal, it was widely regarded that it was Michael Page that ultimately terminated the Bachelor alum. Unfortunately for DeMario, Michael Page has released a statement debunking the reality TV star’s claim that his employment with the company was adversely affected by the scandal’s explosion.

The response, which was obtained and published by BuzzFeed News, was very brief and concise, declaring that DeMario had not been with the company since March 13, 2017. Thus, any news or claims stating that his termination was affected by the controversial Bachelor in Paradise incident was completely untrue.

“On June 15th, 2017 we were alerted to reports concerning DeMario Jackson, an ex-employee of the Michael Page Los Angeles office. In these reports, it was stated that Mr. Jackson was dismissed in the wake of an alleged incident, which took place during filming of Bachelor in Paradise in June 2017.

“We want to clarify that Mr. Jackson left Michael Page on March 13th 2017, having been employed by us for less than 5 months and was not employed by Michael Page at the time of the alleged incident. Any reports that Mr. Jackson was dismissed from his role with Michael Page as a result of the incident are therefore wholly inaccurate.”

Warner Bros. has officially announced last Sunday that the filming of the current season of Bachelor in Paradise has been permanently shut down due to the alleged misconduct of some of the participants of the show, which were eventually revealed to be Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. This past Wednesday, things got a lot more complicated as both Bachelor alums released official statements about the incident, with Olympios stating that she was a victim, and Jackson lamenting that his character and reputation had been assassinated due to the controversy’s fallout.

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