Broadway Star Patti LuPone Refuses To Perform For ‘Mother F***er’ President Trump [Video]

Patti LuPone and President Donald Trump probably won’t be attending any Fourth of July barbecues together, or exchanging Christmas cards, particularly after the actress’s latest expletive-filled rant.

When asked by a Variety reporter on the Tony Awards red carpet about whether Trump should attend her Broadway play, War Paint, Patti LuPone seemed to declare rhetorical war on the president with this response.

“Well I hope he doesn’t, because I won’t perform if he does…because I hate the motherf**cker. How’s that?”

In the NSFW clip embedded below, several of LuPone’s Broadway colleagues — among them Six Degrees of Separation nominee Corey Hawkins — express far more conciliatory and inclusive remarks about encouraging the president to attend their productions.

Recently starring in 24 Legacy on Fox television, and who portrayed survivor Heath on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Hawkins said his play is about honesty, reaching out, and love, and that “I think our country could stand to use a lot of that right now.”

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Other than those who follow Broadway, most of America has probably never heard of Patti LuPone, 68, who is a two-time Tony Award winner, as well as a winner of two Grammys. Considered a Broadway icon, she received two Tony nominations this year for her work in War Paint as cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein. She’s also had roles in several movies and television shows.

Patti LuPone disses Trump, won't perform for him
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This is not the first time that LuPone has thrown shade on Donald Trump. Last month, she described him as a “f*****g a**hole” and a “f*****g nut,” the Inquisitr reported. Although they both share a hatred for Trump, LuPone has also dissed Madonna’s acting ability.

During his long career in the pre-politics media spotlight, Donald Trump — a former Democrat and independent who ran for president on the GOP ticket — regularly mixed with New York and Hollywood celebrities and they with him. As a lifelong resident of New York City, Trump probably attended many Broadway shows.

It’s only after he became a political candidate that Trump, for various reasons, became unacceptable to many of those on the show business circuit, and some entertainment awards ceremonies have provided a platform for Trump bashing.

Parenthetically, TV ratings for the Tony Awards broadcast, which was hosted by Kevin Spacey, were down 31 percent from last year, and 44 percent in the 18-49 advertiser-coveted demographic, Deadline Hollywood detailed.

Patti LuPone curses out Trump, won't perform for him
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Despite lots of negative coverage in media precincts, the Rasmussen poll today showed President Trump with a 50 percent approval rating among likely voters, a high water mark in recent months.

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