WWE News: Daniel Bryan’s Return Confirmed And Officially Announced For This Week

For more than two months, the world has been without the enigmatic and exciting Daniel Bryan, who is the general manager of SmackDown Live. It has been officially confirmed and announced by WWE that Bryan is on his way back and he is going to return to Team Blue for this week’s episode of SmackDown.

The last time the world saw Daniel Bryan, it was right after WrestleMania 33 during the Superstar Shake-Up on April 11. After that big mix-up of superstars between SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, Bryan took some time off from WWE to spend it with his wife, Brie Bella.

While a vacation would have been more than acceptable for the hard-working general manager, he was taking the time off for a much more important reason. At the time he left WWE, Brie Bella was on the verge of giving birth and their first child, and their daughter, named Birdie Joe, was born on May 9.

As reported by the official website of WWE, enough time has passed. Bryan is ready to get back to work and take care of the show he loves so dearly. With the poor ratings as of late, his return couldn’t come at a better time.

wwe news smackdown live daniel bryan return

Bryan is going to return after a two-month absence and just two days after Money In The Bank, which is set to take place on Sunday night. There will likely be plenty of turmoil to deal with and a lot to discuss on Talking Smack, but he’s looking forward to it all.

Unfortunately, the ongoing feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz can’t continue as the Intercontinental Champion is now over on Monday Night Raw. There is bound to be someone else for Bryan to tease returning to the ring with and getting the fans all riled up.

wwe news smackdown live daniel bryan return

As reported by Inquisitr last month, Daniel Bryan vows to return to in-ring wrestling action after his WWE contract is up late next year. No one truly knows if he will ever get back in a ring again, but it just seems unlikely that it will ever be in Vince McMahon’s company.

With ratings plummeting for both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, there needs to be a big jump for both brands. John Cena’s free agent status will likely help out both shows, but there is more needed and Daniel Bryan could help out tremendously for Team Blue. It is not entirely known how much longer WWE will have with Bryan on their payroll, so, they need to take full advantage of every minute that he’s around.

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