Jennifer Hudson Casually Comments On Rumors Claiming Beyonce Has Already Given Birth

One of Beyonce's close friends addressed the rumors claiming the singer has already welcomed her twin babies. Jennifer Hudson, who Beyonce worked with on Dreamgirls, commented on the reports during an interview with Channel 10.

Hudson was asked to put the speculation to rest by one of the show's hosts, but she instead added more fuel to the rumors with her comment. Jennifer stated that fans will have to wait until Beyonce and Jay Z are ready for the world to know if their babies have arrived, according to Daily Mail.

Basically, Hudson did not give a straight answer as she strategically dodged the question.

"You'll have to wait 'til she tells you that. I'm sure when it's time for the world to know, she will definitely let them know."
However, Hudson's cryptic comment does make it sound as if Beyonce has indeed given birth, but is simply waiting to inform her fans. And Jennifer's interview isn't the only thing tipping off the public of the twins arrival.

Jay Z skipped the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony on Thursday despite being the first rapper to be inducted. Barack Obama delivered a video speech in honor of Jay Z during the ceremony in which the former president seemed to hint at the twins' genders.

People magazine reported on Obama's comments that have led fans to believe the rapper and his wife are expecting girls.
"Jay and I are also fools for our daughters, although he's gonna have me beat once those two twins show up."
Obama also made it sound as if Beyonce has yet to deliver the twins as he stated Jay Z will have him beat "once those" babies arrive. If anything, the recent comments by Obama and Hudson work to further confuse fans seeking to find out if there is any truth behind the rumors.

Beyonce was rumored to be in labor earlier this week as black SUVs were seen leaving her and Jay Z's neighborhood. The Daily Mail reported that her younger sister, Solange, was also spotted at the Los Angeles hospital where the singer is said to be delivering the twins.

"Increasing the rumours further, Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles has been spotted at the Los Angeles medical centre rumoured to be where the couple are having their children, according to reports on Thursday."
The Lemonade singer has been absent from social media as her latest Instagram post came on May 29. Besides sharing maternity styles and family photos with her followers, Bey has been relatively quiet about any details surrounding her second pregnancy.

So far, it seems fans are relying on rumors and reports as they seek any information on whether or not Beyonce has given birth.

Do you think Beyonce has delivered her twin babies?

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