‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For June 19-23: Trial Heats Up, Billy Worries For Victoria, Phyllis Irked

Young and the Restless spoilers for the upcoming week tease explosive revelations during the sexual harassment trial between Juliet and Brash & Sassy. Cane (Daniel Goddard) wants to sweep everything under the rug but it’s all or nothing for Victoria (Laur Allen) and Leslie (Angell Conwell). Given the stressful situation, Billy (Jason Thompson) will show concern for Victoria.

Sexual Harassment Suit Goes To Trial

Cane is the suspect of a sexual harassment suit, and he could use all the help he can get. Unfortunately, he will have no qualms about giving Lily a lot of heat after he sees her share a friendly hug with Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood). This show of jealousy will not sit well with Lily who is already starting to doubt her husband’s claims. Cane will stick to his story but he is going to crack on the surface. Victoria will notice that Cane is acting out of character, and she will also start doubting his testimony.

Meanwhile, Juliet will stick to her plan. The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that she will claim Cane asked her to sleep with him to get a job at Brash & Sassy. Cane will deny this, and according to him, he was too drunk to have possibly slept with her. Cane will stick to his testimony under oath and claim that he did not sleep with Juliet in Tokyo. Cane thinks no one could possibly know what happened in Tokyo but a video showing he entered the room with Juliet will surface. The security footage shows Cane and Juliet entered the room together and no one went out until the next morning.

While the time stamps in the security footage reveal Cane and Juliet were together the entire night, there is still no proof that Cane asked Juliet to sleep with him to get hired at Brash & Sassy. Young and the Restless spoilers hint Michael will use this to get a favorable verdict for the company. At the same time, he will also depict Juliet as someone who is in dire need of cash due to her burgeoning debts.

After the footage emerges, Lily will confront her husband. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Lily will be furious, and she will ask Cane in private to tell her what happened inside the hotel room in Tokyo.

Heightened Emotions

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Billy will try to talk to Victoria and make her realize that they can’t trust Cane’s version of the events. Billy fears there are more shockers headed their way, and it would be better to settle than go to trial. However, Victoria’s mind is set -she is not going to give in to Juliet’s demand for settlement.

Given the current situation, Billy couldn’t help but show concern about Victoria. Billy can see how stressed Victoria is about what’s going on in Brash & Sassy, and Phyllis will not be happy about this. Phyllis will tell Billy that Victoria’s emotional health is not his problem. It appears like Phyllis is right about feeling threatened since spoilers tease Victoria will reveal she still wants to be a part of Billy’s life. Young and the Restless spoilers suggest the love triangle between Phyllis, Victoria, and Billy is far from over.

Other Young And The Restless Spoilers

The trial is the biggest focus in next week’s episode of the Young and the Restless, but other Genoa City residents will have something going on too. Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) will see another side of Hilary’s personality. Next week, Nikki is going to feel frustrated about the concert. Spoilers reveal she is going to take the edge off with alcohol. Before she can do take a sip, Sharon will catch her. Ultimately, she will confide to Sharon.

Sharon and Nick are also going to have a tense conversation, and Sharon will demand the truth. Speaking of truths, the Young and the Restless spoilers hint Chelsea is going to share a secret with Nick, what could it possibly be?

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