Maci Bookout Threatens To Take Away Custody From Ex Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout has had to go through drastic measures in order to get the father of her son, Bentley, 8, into a rehab facility. In a recent episode of the hit reality TV show, Maci Bookout confessed that she often spends nights crying and thinking about the father of her child one day possibly taking too many drugs or "doing something he can't come back from."

The reality TV star was seen in a sneak peek of Teen Mom OG speaking to a counselor about how to go forward with an intervention for her ex, and the counselor suggested coming up with an ultimatum that includes Bentley. From the point of view of the counselor and Maci Bookout, the Edwards family seemed to be enabling Ryan's behavior and allowing him to continue taking whatever he was taking. According to his ex Dalis Connell, the Teen Mom OG star became addicted to prescription pills.

Maci Bookout admitted to the counselor that if she limited access to Bentley for Ryan, she would also have to limit access to his parents, Jen and Larry, because they also act as caregivers. In some respects, they have replaced Ryan in a parenting role when Bentley visits with them.

Although it is unclear exactly how Ryan was able to address his issues, he was finally taken to rehab a few weeks ago after secretly marrying his fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer. Ryan Edwards had fought rumors for years that he had been using drugs, but many attributed his wide-eyed appearance and forgetful nature to an accident that occurred in 2010 in which he sustained head injuries. However, it appears this is not the cause of his odd behavior.

Ryan's ex, Dalis Connell, claims Ryan has had drug issues since 2012. She states that he started using because he was bored while she was at track.

Ryan's wife, Mackenzie, has attempted to be fiercely protective of her new husband. She has asked that viewers pray for her and Ryan as they face this difficult journey together and has lashed out at those who have been speculating about what was wrong with him. Mackenzie has also told Dalis she would spill the beans on her pill use as well, which Dalis denies.

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