June 16, 2017
Jennifer Lawrence Fitness: Get A Physique Like The Star's With Help From Her Secret Weapon

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a stunner with an enviable form, but it was when she met her personal trainer, Dalton Wong, that the beauty really managed to get herself into top form.

It was 2010 when Lawrence met Wong and quickly began training for her role in X-Men: First Class. Jen was able to get trim and fit within three months, due to the trainer's Feel Good Plan. Wong spoke recently with The Daily Mail regarding how he assisted Lawrence in her transformation.

"I feel I am the trainer that started her [J-Law's] education in nutrition, and taught her what foods would make her feel good," Wong shares.

As the publication notes, the trainer's favorite activity for helping clients get fit, is using tension bands and running them through circuits. The bands assist in "posture, fat burning and toning."

The fitness guru, who has been training for 15 years, points out the main reasons individuals don't get the results they want is that their "focus keeps changing," they "stay in [their] comfort zone," intensity of a given exercise is not high enough and often people just tend to give up too easily. A lack of variation and not focusing on weaknesses, also can hinder progress, Wong says.

The trainer shares about how working on weaknesses is key, and as to why he does just that with Lawrence and other stars.
"It's important to work on your weaknesses not your strengths. Do the stuff you're bad at, and the stuff you're good at can only get better. If you like to do HIIT but you can't bend over and touch your toes, work on your flexibility. Think how much faster you would be and how much higher you could jump."
Dalton Wong also reminds that celebrities are not just blessed with beautiful bodies, they work very hard for them, and that they are often lucky to have personal trainers to help them achieve their best bods. He reminds that working out three or four times a week and varying workouts and intensity is a must. Using resistance is also key, he reminds.
"You get people who just like to go to the gym, just like to do yoga, or just like to do Spin classes. They become very good at that discipline and that's it. If you use bodyweight all the time, your body will get used to it. Add some resistance to your yoga or Pilates workout. "
The latest news about Lawrence suggests that Wong will be needed soon, as the star will be moving to Montreal for the summer to begin filming the next installment of X-Men, as MTL Blog notes.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]