Grenfell Tower Fire: Pictures Of Victim’s Dead Body Found Online Prompts Arrest

The Grenfell Tower fire, in London, was a tragedy of epic proportion, and hearts around the globe were breaking for the loss of life suffered at this site. With 30 of the tower’s residents confirmed dead as of Friday, authorities believe this number will climb into triple digits when the search for bodies is over. Some bodies, police warn, may never be identified.

According to The Sun, a bystander snapped pictures of one of the bodies that were on the ground outside his flat, which is near the Grenfell Tower and posted these pictures to social media. The body is believed to be that of a man who jumped to his death from one of the top floors. For some of the victims of this fire, jumping was the only option left to escape the flames surrounding them while trapped in their apartments, or flats.

Police caught this unnamed man on the scene and arrested him. According to The Sun, “the man seemed to admit opening the body bag himself” for the sake of taking pictures. The unnamed man complained that the body had been outside his “flat” for a few hours, which was what he posted on Facebook with the pictures. When police discovered the pictures on Facebook, they found the man in the crowd and arrested him. Calls also came into the police pointing out that these pictures were posted to Facebook.

The man was cuffed and arrested, charged with “suspicion of malicious communication,” which carries the maximum sentence of six months jail time. He snapped more than one picture of this victim, who was in a body bag.

The unidentified man captioned the picture with a question.

“Does anyone know this body laying outside my flat for more than two hours?”

Whatever possessed this man to actually open up a body bag, take a snapshot, and then post it on Facebook is a question baffling many online today who were enraged at the sight of these Facebook posts.

Bystanders said they saw the first responders put the body in the body bag and then walk away as they needed to attend to other victims of this horrific tragedy. This event had seemingly endless scenes of horror as bystanders on the ground told reporters what they witnessed as they stood below the Grenfell Tower in flames. The bystanders felt helpless as the people in this building were banging on windows and screaming for help, reports the Telegraph.

One scene that was witnessed by many on the ground was a woman holding her baby at the window on the ninth or 10th floor. She motioned to the crowd below that she was about to drop the baby. The woman did drop the infant to the crowd below, which prompted a man in the crowd to run and catch the baby before the infant hit the ground. People actually jumped to their death in this fire as the flames became too unbearable, leaving them with this only option of escape from the fire, which was to jump out the window to their death below.

[Featured Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]