‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Filming Continued For Two Days After Sex Scandal

The Bachelor in Paradise news just keeps coming. The show, which shut down production for Season 4 earlier this month after a sex scandal erupted, is now in jeopardy of being canceled, and fans are eager to find out what is going to happen as a misconduct investigation looms.

As many fans know, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are the two contestants behind the Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal. Reports reveal that the two were both very drunk when they began to hookup. The encounter later moved to the swimming pool, where things got even more heated between the two. Later, a producer filed a complaint against the production for sexual misconduct when it was revealed that Corinne might not have been in her right mind during the incident.

Later, Corinne Olympios spoke out saying that she did not consent to sexual contact with DeMario Jackson, and she didn’t remember the encounter. DeMario tells a different story, claiming that Corinne was lucid and engaged during their hookup. Jackson even stated that he wanted to footage from that night to be released so that people will see the truth.

Now, Hollywood Life claims that after Corinne and DeMario’s hookup Bachelor in Paradise continued to film for two days before shutting down production. Contestant Jasmine Goode says that production continued another two days after the hookup, and the cast had no idea anything was wrong, as everything continued as usual.

Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 has not officially been canceled, but fans are expecting an announcement any day. It doesn’t seem likely that production will begin again after the investigation has wrapped, and some viewers are worried that the show could get the ax for good. If so, the network will most likely search for a new summer Bachelor spin-off to fill the void for next season, but fans aren’t happy about the possibility of missing out on BIP this year.

What are your thoughts on the latest news about the Bachelor in Paradise scandal? Do you think it is strange that production continued filming for two days after the alleged sexual misconduct?

[Featured Image by ABC]