Katy Perry Breaks Twitter Record By Hitting 100 Million Followers

Singer Katy Perry has become the first Twitter user to reach 100 million followers, Variety reported.

Perry joined Twitter in 2009 with the handle @katyperry, reaching 50 million followers by the middle of 2012. Justin Bieber has 96.7 million followers. Next in line belongs to Barack Obama (90.8 Million), Taylor Swift (85.1 million), and Rihanna (74.1 million).

Of course, it’s hard to say how many of Katy’s 100 million followers could be spam accounts. CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that Twitter hopes to find a way to battle fake accounts in the future. He believed that bots account for about five percent of the users on Twitter.

According to CNBC, as many as 48 million Twitter accounts could be fake. The report claims that up to 15 percent of the Twitter users could be fake accounts. That’s a 10 percent increase from what the CEO initially claimed.

Twitter currently has 319 million monthly active users. Apparently, the new bot programs appear “human,” so it may be hard to tell if it is a fake account or not.

A Twitter spokesman said that many bot programs help people all over the world by giving weather and child abduction updates.

Twitter celebrated Perry’s achievement with a video showcasing some of her most read and retweeted posts. Her first tweet dated back to 2009. By early 2017, Katy’s follower base grew to 95 million.

The Twitter record isn’t Katy’s only social media record, either. Apparently, the singer set a record on YouTube with her video for the song, “Bon Appetit,” which fetched almost 17 million viewers in 24 hours last month. Perry’s 18 month Witness tour kicks off in the fall.

Her Katie Perry –Witness World Wide 96 hour Big Brother type live stream via YouTube brought in almost 50 million views from nearly 200 countries around the world. During the event, her followers watched as she lived in the Big Brother house and did everything from eating to hanging out with her famous friends. She even had a live therapy session.

In addition to her tour and Twitter record, Katy announced that she landed a spot as an American Idol judge on ABC reboot scheduled to come out in 2018.

As it turns out, Perry’s reign as Twitter queen may be short lived as Justin Bieber is not far behind her with almost 97 million followers.

[Featured Image by Rich Fury/Getty Images]