Jinder Mahal Vs. The Rock Match Has ‘Real Chance’ To Happen, According To World Champion

Could a Jinder Mahal vs. The Rock dream match be in the future for WWE fans to behold? Recent comments made by “The Modern Day Maharaja” suggest there’s a possibility that he and Dwayne Johnson will battle in the squared circle one day. If the rumors are true, it will make for an interesting matchup and one that fans wouldn’t have expected to occur, based on Mahal’s spot on the WWE roster a few months ago. However, the current WWE World Champion believes there’s a “real chance” his dream match could happen sometime in the future.

Just ahead of the WWE SmackDown Live pay-per-view, Money in the Bank, Sportskeeda did an interview with Jinder Mahal. The talk included a variety of topics ranging from The Undertaker to Braun Strowman, and of course, dream match opponent. During the conversation, Mahal gives himself the full credit for the spot he’s in right now, due to hard work and staying focused on his goals. He also mentioned that he believes The Undertaker still has something left to give in the wrestling ring and fans never know; “The Deadman” could appear somewhere unexpected. Jinder was reminded that he’d shown interest in having a match or two against John Cena and Brock Lesnar since both superstars are still working with the WWE.

WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal with Singh Brothers
WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal shows off his title belt with The Singh Brothers. [Image by WWE]

However, when asked about a dream opponent, Mahal talked about his admiration for the wrestling star and actor, Dwayne Johnson.

“He was very strong and was always in tremendous shape and great on the microphone, very entertaining. So that would be my dream opponent of all time, to work a program with the Rock.

You know I think it’s still possible and can happen one day. He likes to come back to the WWE every once in a while. I think it’s a real chance that the opportunity can come to fruition.”

There had been WWE rumors popping up that once Jinder Mahal has ended his program with Randy Orton, he would get involved in a battle with fellow SmackDown Live star John Cena at the SummerSlam pay-per-view. That would allow him to cross at least one name off his list of dream matches. Many fans and wrestling journalists have compared Cena’s recent path, taking off for Hollywood movie and TV gigs, as similar to what The Rock did.

WWE The Rock faces John Cena
WWE stars The Rock and John Cena have battled in two WrestleMania matches. [Image via WWE]

It’s always possible that fans could see The Rock make another big return to the WWE. He did so after a live Raw show had ended in Los Angeles order to make a call to CM Punk saying the fans wanted him. The Singh Brothers may need to get on their phones and let The Rock know Jinder Mahal wants him in the ring.

One has to think that WWE saves The Rock for most of their biggest stars on the roster. That was displayed by his most recent matches involving CM Punk and John Cena. However, Jinder Mahal seems like he may continue increase his reputation and superstar power as he keeps working on being better at his craft.

WWE fans, do you see a Jinder Mahal vs. The Rock match ever taking place? Would this be a match worth having, or would there be a better opponent for The Rock if he came back for a WWE match?

[Featured Image by WWE]