Christopher Maloney Breaks X Factor Partying Rule With Drag Queen

Christopher Maloney breaks X Factor partying rule with drag queen. According to The Mirror, the popular X Factor reality TV show maintains a curfew for all contestants. Singer Christopher Maloney was not allowed to leave his hotel unless with production staff, but instead he snuck off to drink champagne with a female impersonator.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Christopher Maloney is claiming Simon Cowell is attempting to turn fans against him. Some believe he is trying to get the sympathy vote but his latest actions may doom any efforts to win X Factor.

The X Factor partying ban followed weeks of headlines about contestants, including James Arthur, taking conquests back to their London hotel rooms and going on drunken rampages. After one night of boozing Christopher Maloney reportedly lost his voice and was unable to complete a whole song at X Factor rehearsals.

“Christopher and the other two remaining contestants were told under no circumstances were they to go out partying,” a X Factor source said. “The producers were angry he broke the ban. He was reprimanded and told his behavior wasn’t what was expected.”

Christopher Maloney left his hotel at 10PM to go ­partying with friends at the Via bar in the city’s popular Canal Street area. There the X Factor singer met the venue’s resident drag queen, Lee Star, and drank ­champagne cocktails. Maloney took a picture with the drag queen and they continue drinking together for about an hour.

The X factor singer has previously been derided as just being a karaoke singer by his opponents. So when Christopher started singing karaoke at the bar he became very sensitive to any criticism and asked staff to ban revelers from taking pictures over fears he would be ridiculed.

“He sang ballads for about 15 ­minutes. People were joking that he wasn’t very good,” a source at the bar said. “He made sure he was the center of attention. But door staff stopped people taking pictures after he said: ‘Don’t take pics of me on the ­karaoke, people will take the p***’.”

Christopher Maloney barely managed to scrape his way back into the show as a wildcard voted in by the public. Do you think his latest escapade with a drag queen will affect his voter standings in the coming X Factor finale?