‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants Wife Hilarie Burton To Play A Very Important Role

The Walking Dead Season 8 begins airing this fall on AMC, and fans are hoping that they will finally get a glimpse of Negan’s life before the zombie apocalypse. It could happen, and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan already knows who he wants to play one important character from his past.

Warning: Major Walking Dead TV and comic book spoilers below!

According to Hollywood Life, The Walking Dead may decide to explore Negan’s backstory in Season 8, and if so, they have plenty of source material thanks to the comic book about the character’s orgins, titled Here’s Negan.

ComicBook reveals that Negan was a high school gym teacher before the zombie takeover. It also shares the story behind his infamous baseball bat, whom he named Lucille. Negan was revealed to have had a wife who died of cancer just before the end of civilization, and his wife’s name was, of course, Lucille. Now, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is revealing his choice to play his former wife on The Walking Dead, and fans are loving it.

One fan asked Morgan about his thoughts on his real-life wife, Hilarie Burton, playing the role of Lucille. The actor stated that he would absolutely love it if Burton joined The Walking Dead cast as his wife in flashbacks, saying the show would be “lucky to have her.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants wife Hilarie Burton on The Walking Dead

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on board with Hilarie Burton portraying Lucille, the actress is seemingly even more excited about the prospect. When asked on Twitter if she would like to play the character, she responded excitedly and told fans to “start a petition.”

Many fans will remember Hilarie Burton from her days as Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. The actress has also had roles on many other television shows such as Lethal Weapon and Grey’s Anatomy. However, a part on The Walking Dead working alongside her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, would likely be fun for her to do and so much fun for fans to watch.

The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants his real wife to play Lucille.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Hilarie Burton playing the role of wife to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan on The Walking Dead?

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