June 16, 2017
'DOOL' Episode 6/16/17 Recap: Abby Says No To Dario, Chad And Gabi Make Love, Nicole Gets Bad News [Spoilers]

DOOL episode 6/16/17 is filled with excitement and conflict between characters. Everyone is worried about the group still stranded on the island, and tensions have been running high all week on Days of Our Lives.

In today's episode of Days, Brady arrives home from the hospital with Nicole and Tate. Brady tells Nicole that they need to find a house and get her out of Daniel's house across town. He asks Nicole to move into the Kiriakis mansion until they find something different. He offers to go house hunting tomorrow.

Nicole agrees as long as they have a little bit of privacy at least some of the time. Brady doesn't ever want to be apart from Nicole, ever. Nicole says he is her best friend, her love, and even when things seem dark, he always finds a way to make things better.

Eric stops by the mansion to check on Brady and asks about legal issues. As it turns out, Eric was right, and the judge went easy on Brady's sentence. As punishment for aiding and abetting Nicole, Brady received only a fine and community service.

Today's episode of Days was no different than any other when Eric and Nicole come together. Nicole yells at Eric for Daniel's death and says that it is an offense that is impossible for her to forgive.

Brady is disappointed in the way that Nicole is treating Eric after all that he has done to help her and Holly by releasing her from Xander and talking Chloe into speaking with the judge on her behalf. This is not the first episode of Days of Our Lives that Brady has tried to make sense of Nicole's hatred for Eric.
On today's episode of Days of Our Lives, Brady confronts Nicole about her feelings. Nicole refuses to absolve Eric of his guilt and leaves the room angry. Brady receives a phone call for Nicole and asks to take a message. The caller is unidentified at the time, but his response of "hold on, that can't happen" doesn't sound like good news on the other end of the line.

When Nicole returns to the room, she asks Brady about the call. In true Days fashion, it is revealed that Nicole will be reporting to Eric at the community center for her community service hours. This will be pure torture for Nicole as punishment for all of her Days of Our Lives misdeeds.

On the other side of Salem, Abby is packing. She is headed to the Dominican Republic to get a fast divorce. Dario tells her that he is going along with her. He appears to be consoling her and tells her that he really wants to be there. Days fans know that he also wants to be there to pressure Abby and make sure that she goes through with her divorce from Chad.

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Dario offers to take Thomas with them for a "family vacation." He would, however, need a fake identification to get back into the United States, unless he and Abigail were husband and wife when they return to Salem.

Abby gets defensive when Dario pushes too far and asks Abby if she hopes Chad will coming home to her. After a rebuttal from Abby, he backs down and says, "I really want you to feel okay about this so if it takes a little longer, so be it."

At that moment, Jennifer appears and speaks to Abby about the decisions that she is making. Abigail and her mother get into a heated argument, and Abby begins yelling that she is going to snap. It appears, though, that on today's 6/16/17 episode of Days, Jennifer may have talked some sense into her daughter.

When Dario returned, Abigail broke the news to him that she was not going to go to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce and she would not marry Dario until she had a chance to see Chad again.

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Meanwhile, on the island, Chad looks for a right moment to send up the last flare while Gabi comes up with blankets. Chad tells Gabi that they are "together," and he sees a "silver lining." The two of them can survive anything together.

Chad and Gabi have a heart to heart before firing off the last of the rescue flares. Gabi says that she is thinking about her daughter and Chad admits that he misses Thomas. They are thankful that they have each other. Chad tells Gabi that he loves her. She reciprocates the endearment, and they make love on the blankets, waiting to be rescued.

The bottom portion of this article contains Days of Our Lives spoilers. If you do not wish to be informed of future DOOL episodes, do not continue reading.

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Next week's Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that the crew is rescued off of the island. CDL reports that on future DOOL episodes, Chad and Gabi make a decision that they love each other enough to move forward with their relationship when they return to Salem. It isn't long before Abby sees the new couple kissing. Days spoilers reveal that a huge conflict will soon erupt.

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