Simon Saran Says Matt Beat Amber, Amber Should Be Encouraged To Seek Help

Teen Mom OG‘s Simon Saran may be infamous for trolling, both fans and fellow cast mates from the Teen Mom franchise, but in this one instance, he actually got things right.

Simon Saran has been feuding with Amber Portwood and Matt Baier for what seems like forever. Although Amber insists she didn’t invite Simon to her now postponed (or perhaps called off) wedding, she did invite his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Farrah Abraham. Both slammed the invitation, and Simon said he thought it sounded like a circus.

Although no one is quite sure if Amber Portwood is finally done with Matt Baier, she has been going live on Instagram quite a lot recently, and most fans have noticed he hasn’t been featured. She also said things like, “I want more kids when I find the right man.” And when asked if she and Matt were together, she asked the fan if she saw him there.

However, Amber drew ire and controversy when she stated that she had been beaten in the past and that a real woman should remain silent about being hit. Of course, those watching the Instagram Live show were not too pleased with Amber, and her co-star, Simon Saran stepped in.

Although Amber did not reveal who had hit her, Simon recently stated that Matt Baier is the one guilty of assaulting the star. He spoke up, as he usually does, via his Twitter account, claiming that MTV doesn’t actually care whether or not Amber sustains injuries.

“Matt has punched her on several occasions. MTV does nothing. They are more worried about setting Farrah up on more fake dates.”

Although MTV has not responded to Simon Saran’s allegations, the network faced harsh criticism when Amber Portwood was caught on television choking and beating her ex and father of her daughter, Gary Shirley. The crew was admonished for not stepping in to stop the altercation, as it could have quickly turned deadly. Amber Portwood eventually served 24 hours in jail after beating Gary and was released on a $5,000 bond.

Simon Saran also, rather responsibly, told fans not to heed Amber’s advice about domestic abuse.

“A real woman opens up about domestic violence. Don’t listen to that bimbo. You can save someone’s life later down the road.”

Amber has yet to comment on whether or not Matt is the one she is referring to when discussing physical violence. However, she did go live again last night where she tried to back pedal from the situation and claim that she meant that speaking up was not the right thing to do only in her particular case.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]