‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Release Date: Netflix Series Likely To Return Next Year

Netflix has axed some of its original series; however, it is unlikely that House of Cards will be on the chopping block. While a renewal has yet to be announced, House of Cards is expected to come back with Season 6 sometime in 2018.

With the The Get Down and Sense 8 getting canceled, some fans think House of Cards will suffer the same fate. However, it is worth noting that the canceled series were expensive to produce and weren’t getting the ratings to justify the cost, according to Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. House of Cards is unlikely to have this problem as it is one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

So what can fans expect in Season 6 of House of Cards? Claire Underwood declared that it’s her turn, which suggests that she will become the focal point of the series going forward as Frank Underwood resigns his presidency. In the last episode, Claire seems to go back on her word that she will exonerate Frank Underwood. It is likely that Frank will attempt to undermine her presidency in the sixth season or face the consequences of his actions.

The series explained Frank’s vision of working in the private sector while Claire holds the highest executive office. She kept her distance from Frank by asking him to move out of the White House and eventually ignoring his phone call.

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With creator of the series, Beau Willimon, stepping down as the showrunner, there was no certainty that the political drama will retain its binge-worthiness. The critical response has been moderately positive for Season 5, but it has scored lower than its third season. The new showrunners, Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson, certainly wrote the fifth season with another season in mind.

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House of Cards Season 5 introduced several new cast members. Neve Campbell portrayed LeAnn Harvey, whose future is uncertain after a car crash in the season finale. Patricia Clarkson’s character, Jane Davis, will likely return in the sixth season and play a role in Claire Underwood’s administration.

House of Cards Season 6 will likely get a 2018 release date sometime in the first quarter; the first four seasons were released in February or early March. However, Season 5 of House of Cards had a May 30 release date.

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