Brad Pitt Reportedly Moves On From Angelina Jolie Divorce By Transforming Family Home Into Bachelor Pad

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s romantic life dominated headlines for years. But when upbeat reports of their supposedly happy high-profile marriage turned to shocking news over their split in September 2016, some wondered if Pitt would recover fully. Now, however, Brad is showing signs that he’s decided it’s time to move on with his life after the drama mingled with trauma of his divorce from Angelina.

One sign that Brad is turning over a new leaf? Pitt was just seen sprucing up his bachelor pad by transforming it with the delivery of an enormous tree, according to the Daily Mail. Spotted on Friday giving his home an infusion of nature, Brad appears to be ready to bounce back after so many years nesting with his children and Jolie.

Pitt, 53, needed 10 workers to help deliver the gigantic tree to his home. The property has some heartache associated with it, however, because Brad’s house was “his kids’ first real childhood home,” noted the publication. The actor previously shared the Los Feliz, California, home with Jolie as well as their kids.

As for the location of Angelina and the six children that she and Pitt share? They are reportedly a mere five minutes away from Brad.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly are now directly discussing the terms of their divorce.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly are now directly discussing the terms of their divorce. [Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

Jolie bought a six-bedroom house for an alleged price tag of $25 million. Angelina and Brad’s six offspring will reside in the mansion, ranging in age from teens Maddox, 15 and Pax, 13, to preteens Zahara, 12, and Shiloh, 10, to twins Vivienne and Knox, 8.

The proximity of Pitt’s spruced-up bachelor pad to Jolie’s new mansion means that the actor can spend “plenty of time with their kids,” pointed out the publication. After having spent 12 years with Angelina, Brad has been focusing on both his successful acting career and a new venture involving a supposedly secretive art project.

In recent weeks, Pitt has been making the publicity rounds for his new movie, War Machine. In addition to hyping the film, the actor reportedly has been working throughout the night on a sculpture that he is reportedly completing with guidance from a British artist, Thomas Houseago.

The Daily Mail noted that Pitt has suffered through a “turbulent year,” reportedly “focusing on recovery as the teetotal star has been attending therapy sessions after boozing had ripped apart his family.” The actor has been candid about his journey, including how he felt suddenly alone in what had been the family home shared with kids.

Brad revealed that it was so difficult initially to be alone in the kids’ former home that he resided temporarily with a friend.

“It was too sad to be here at first, so I went and stayed on a friend’s floor, a little bungalow in Santa Monica.”

Pitt recalled how he felt going from living in a home always filled with the sounds of kids, “always chaotic and crazy, voices and bangs coming from everywhere,” to residing alone in a house that felt “very…very solemn.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt both have rebooted their lives in the wake of the divorce bombshell.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt both have rebooted their lives in the wake of the divorce bombshell. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Audi]

Now, however, Brad is “much happier,” said a source quoted by the Daily Mail, which reported that Pitt and Jolie are now communicating directly with each other amid determining the divorce terms. The insider shared Brad’s reported feelings about the change.

“He’s very relieved that things are not playing out in public anymore.”

On Friday, Pitt was seen stepping out in Los Angeles. He chose casual attire for his errands, looking cool in a white t-shirt and dark jeans, coupled with brown suede shoes and dark shades.

The previous day, Angelina had been spotted in Hollywood wearing an all-black outfit on an excursion with one of the couple’s twins, Knox. She was described as looking in “good spirits,” according to the publication, which reported that Jolie “has temporary primary custody” of the six youngsters.

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]