‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Week of June 19 Brings A Rescue, A Victory, And New Battle Lines Are Drawn

DOOL fans should be prepared for a lot of action next week as the plane-wrecked Islanders are rescued. With Sonny back in Salem, he can’t wait to get started at Titan and Deimos can’t wait to cause him as much trouble as possible. The following contains DOOL spoilers. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

John and Marlena to the rescue! They have managed to locate Paul and the rest of the stranded Salem residents and bring them home. Each of them has to adjust to being back in Salem.

Chad learns that not only has Abigail filed for divorce, but she is also engaged. JJ ponders telling what he saw go on between his brother-in-law and Gabi while on the island. Gabi is facing her own battles, as Andre makes it clear that he is Team Abigail and doesn’t want his brother with her. DOOL fans know this twisted love triangle has too many twists and is bound to get more complicated before it gets settled.

Chloe finally gives Holly back to Nicole and leaves Salem, much to everyone’s surprise. A thrilled Nicole begins her Community Service and reunites with Brady and Tate. Could this be the happy ending DOOL fans have always wanted for Nicole?

DOOL fans know that Tripp has been scheming for a while now on how to make Kayla pay. He blames her for the death of his mother and wants to destroy Kayla’s career. Not suspecting how devious he is, she takes Tripp under her wing and he begins shadowing her at the hospital. While she tries to be supportive of her stepson’s supposed desire to get into medicine, he is looking for a way to frame her.


Marlena and Claire spend some time together talking about everything that has gone on with the teen lately. She confesses that she had intercepted a letter to Theo from Ciara. In the end, she agrees to give the letter to Theo, the one it was meant for. Will DOOL fans see Theo reach out to Ciara as a result? The two have always had a special connection but have not pursued a romantic relationship. First, he has to work on forgiving Claire and Marlene is there to help him work through his emotions.

Sonny quickly picks up the reigns of Titan as the new CEO. He wants to make a power move that shows everyone that he is the new top dog and have all traces of Deimos removed. That leads to a very unpopular decision to fire anyone that Sonny sees as a threat or supporter of his evil predecessor. DOOL fans know there will be fallout from such a bold move and Sonny feels that he is ready to handle it. Of course, Sonny and Deimos are drawing the lines to battle each other and this could lead to trouble in the future for Sonny. Spoilers tell us that Deimos will be murdered and Sonny could be the prime suspect.


According to She Knows, Rafe and Hope get some help gathering evidence against Deimos. He has made a lot of enemies in Salem with his shady business dealings. In the end, the two Salem detectives will have what they need to go after the evil villain on DOOL.

Jen makes a discovery that she may wish she hadn’t. Eric has been writing emotional letters to Nicole and stashing them away. DOOL fans will see Jen find the letters and realize how much Eric is still struggling with the past.

Are you ready for the drama that Deimos is about to try to stir up in Salem? How do you feel about the DOOL spoilers saying it will lead to his demise? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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