Farrah Abraham Says She Her Mother Was Held At Gunpoint During Domestic Altercation, Calls Her Mother A Pig

Much of the tension between Debra Danielsen and Teen Mom OG‘s Farrah Abraham has to do with the 2010 brawl that took place between the pair. Although no one knows exactly what happened, we do know that the police were called to the scene. Claims had been made that Debra chased Farrah with a knife and that Farrah Abraham put her mother in a headlock and threatened to kill her.

A report of the incident read, “The victim was yelling at Danielson over the shirt throwing and Danielson grabbed her by the throat. The victim pushed Danielson’s hand away from her. Victim stated that Danielson then hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth.”

According to Farrah Abraham, the police pointed a gun to Debra Danielsen’s head after the noticed that Farrah’s entire face was bleeding from abuse. Debra denies that this is the case, and the pair have not been able to agree on what actually took place that day. For the past several weeks, Debra, Farrah and Farrah’s father, Michael, have appeared on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition. Much of the family’s discord has been rooted in this altercation, and Farrah Abraham has stated that part of the reason she is so angry at her dad is because he took her mother’s side after the incident occurred.


Farrah Abraham admitted that she and her mother have been estranged since the show has aired, but in a recent clip of the show, Farrah stated that her mother reminded her of a pig. Although the reality TV star admitted that it didn’t sound great, she did say that her mother still harkened images of the animal.

Despite the issues the pair have faced, Farrah Abraham seems to have reconciled a little bit with her mother, at least enough to have invited her to her 26th birthday bash in New York City on June 4. At the party, however, Farrah’s father, Michael and Debra’s fiancé, Dr. Merz, allegedly got into an altercation over the way the family treats Debra.

Farrah Abraham has also been rumored to be pregnant with on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran’s child. Although Simon confirmed the rumor to a media outlet, he is known to “troll” often, so it is likely that he was just joking around. Farrah seemingly blasted the rumors by posting a photo of herself scantily clad and selling a detox tea that one would not be allowed to take during a pregnancy.


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