Brad Pitt: Father’s Day Plans Amid Reaching A Sobriety Milestone

Brad Pitt has reportedly got a few things to celebrate these days, despite having just gone through a difficult divorce and custody proceedings with now-ex Angelina Jolie. The star, who struggled with alcoholism over the years, has reportedly reached a milestone in sobriety and is ready to spend Father’s Day with his six children.

Although it was a tough road for Pitt and Jolie, the former couple have come to an agreement and, despite Jolie having received full physical custody of the kids, the brood will have time to spend with Brad this Father’s Day.

A source close to the star has indicated that Brad is set on spoiling his six children- Shiloh, Maddox, Knox, Vivienne, Zahara and Pax. International Business Times notes the words of the source about the Allied star’s plans.

“Brad wants to spend Father’s Day just laughing and playing with his kids. Brad loves getting his hands dirty with the kids and their best times together have been playing outside.”

Pitt reportedly has a few specific activities to fill the day that he knows the kids will love just as much as he does, including a paintball war and a family BBQ.

“He’s planning a whole day of events including an epic paintball war and a skateboarding competition on their big ramp in the backyard. He wants to cap it off by having the kids help out BBQing for dinner. Most of all he just wants to be surrounded by them this weekend after what was his most challenging year as a father and a man.”

As noted, Brad Pitt is celebrating reaching a milestone in his sobriety, The star was was in consistent headlines following Jolie’s announcement that she was filing for divorce from Pitt. The announcement allegedly was motivated by Brad’s intoxicated behavior on a private jet only days before when he was reportedly was aggressive with his 15-year-old son Maddox. An investigation had been launched by FBI in the matter, for which Pitt was swiftly cleared.

The incident caused the world to be made aware of Brad Pitt’s “boozing problem” and he has since changed his ways. As Yahoo relays, Pitt has been attending AA meetings steadily and has now been sober for several months.

[Feature Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]