'Suits' Season 7 Premiere Date, New Promo Dropped: Harvey-Mike Dream Team Back In Action [Video]

Anshu Shrivastava

Suits Season 7 sees the return of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross' (Patrick J. Ross) dream team and their bromance. The upcoming season will also see Mike beginning his professional journey as a legit lawyer, while his mentor will start his new role as the firm's managing partner. Suits Season 7 premieres on Wednesday, July 12.

The previous season of Suits opened with Mike in jail, and it ended with him passing the bar. He also agreed to return to the firm, with certain conditions attached. Also, in the season finale, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) once again got his heart broken, as his fiancee Tara (Carly Pope) decided to end their relationship. And Donna (Sarah Rafferty) was completely crushed when she failed to get her app, The Donna, patented.

In Season 6, the series lost one of its original series regulars. Gina Torres, who plays Jessica Pearson, exited the show in the mid-season finale. She, however, returned in the season finale to help Mike cross the final hurdle, which was the character and fitness part of the bar exam.

The promo released for Suits Season 7 provides a tiny glimpse of what would unfold in the new season, but it didn't reveal much. Harvey and Mike seem to be once again stepping out together for their fun time, which usually means forcing a client's adversary to settle for a deal that is not in his favor.

Moreover, in the promo clip, Harvey can be heard saying that he is taking full control as managing partner. And Donna wants Mike to call her "Ma'am." Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) is in a mood to celebrate, while Louis is not throwing verbal punches at Harvey, but it looks like he believes that he is in the same boat as Harvey.

Post-Season 6 finale, Aaron Korsh told Deadline that the "big moving forward thing that we try to set up is Mike is coming back to the firm and he's not just coming back as a fraud or as a consultant. He is now coming back as a full-fledged lawyer, so it gives us a chance to see what life is like in the new phase with him. How are Harvey and Mike going to work together? Our band is back together but they're different, they're changed. Mike isn't a brand new attorney anymore. He's also not a fraud anymore and how is it going to impact their lives and relationships moving forward under this new dynamic?"

Watch the promo for Suits Season 7 here.

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