‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Cast Changes: Will Ben Leave For The Firefighters Spinoff Series?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 is expected to return this fall, with most of the core cast from Season 13 intact – but some cast changes are inevitable, and while some were already confirmed, other speculations revolve around the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series, which will follow the lives of Seattle firefighters. One of the biggest questions on fans’ minds, is whether Miranda Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) husband, Benjamin “Ben” Warren (Jason George), is set to leave for the spinoff series.

Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series is still in early stages of production. It will focus on a group of Seattle-based firefighters, and, just like its parent series, will follow the characters’ professional lives as firefighters who risk their lives on a daily basis, as well as their personal lives and romantic endeavours.

On the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, a group of Seattle firefighters were at the center of attention, helping to rescue survivors from the explosion and subsequent fire that erupted inside the hospital, after Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) tried to set a rapist on fire.

At that point, Ben Warren joined the firefighting forces and stormed into the building with them. Since then, many fans have speculated that Ben’s new-found firefighter instincts might hint at him moving from Grey’s to the new spinoff series.

But chances of that happening have now become slimmer, as according to sources who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series is expected to feature mostly new characters, and none of the regular cast members from the parent show has been announced as moving to the new one, at this point.

Of course, with the spinoff series still being developed, and only expected to air later in the year, things could still change. In any case, the new spinoff will resemble Grey’s Anatomy in more ways than one, as ABC Studios president Patrick Moran explains.

“We talked about the elements of Grey’s Anatomy that seem to resonate with the audience – emotional storytelling, deep human connection, a high-stakes environment and strong and empowered women – and those elements will carry over to the spinoff.”

It has already been confirmed that one regular cast member will not be returning for Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 – Jerrika Hinton, who portrayed Stephanie Edwards. Jerrika announced her departure from the series earlier in the year, and will soon star in an upcoming HBO family drama created by Alan Ball (creator of Six Feet Under.)

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Jerrika’s character on Grey’s did not die on the Season 13 finale, so there’s still a slight chance we will see her again in the future, but with her new TV role, that seems unlikely.

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