‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Misconduct: DeMario Jackson’s Ex Alleges Corinne ‘Wanted To Cover Up For Herself’

The plot of the ongoing Bachelor in Paradise misconduct controversy has proven to be more intriguing than any potential storylines the ABC show may have had to offer, had the show’s production not been shut down. And the latest person to weigh in on the allegations that DeMario Jackson took advantage of a drunken Corinne Olympios is none other than DeMario’s ex, Lexi Thexton.

As Heavy recapped earlier this month, DeMario Jackson’s ex became a well-known name to Bachelor franchise fans, when she proved to be instrumental in Jackson getting eliminated from the current season of The Bachelorette. On the May 29 episode, Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay was confronted by Alexis “Lexi” Thexton, who claimed to still be dating DeMario at the time, and furnished text messages proving that they were still in a relationship. This angered Lindsay, who had effectively eliminated Jackson from her list of potential suitors, asking him to leave the competition.

Despite the ugly fallout from DeMario Jackson’s elimination, his ex wasn’t exactly 100 percent negative in her words when she spoke to TMZ about the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct allegations.

According to Thexton, Jackson is essentially a “30-year-old man-child” who loves to drink, regularly attends music festivals on weekends, and essentially parties too much for his own good. She added that DeMario, when drunk, is more of a fun and playful type, rather than someone who gets belligerent or aggressive.

However, when asked about the DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios scandal, Thexton came to the defense of her ex-boyfriend, saying that he isn’t the type of person to do such a thing to a woman supposedly too intoxicated to give consent. She also chimed in with her own accusations against Olympios and her role in the ongoing case.

“I was not at all shocked that he got wasted and got involved in some drama, but it doesn’t sound to me like he was predatory or like an aggressor. It sounds like the situation got messy and (Corinne) wanted to cover up for herself.”

Thexton added that at the end of the day, she feels that her ex-boyfriend is a “s***ty,” self-absorbed man whom she truly hates, but not someone who’d do what has been alleged against him.

The Bachelor in Paradise misconduct scandal has placed DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios at the center of one of the most talked-about entertainment stories of the moment. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jackson had issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that the scandal has tarnished his character and his family name through “false claims and malicious allegations,” and adding that he plans to take legal action to clear his good name and restore his reputation.

Likewise, Olympios also issued a statement earlier in the week, saying through her publicist that she’s the “victim,” and claiming that she was truly unaware of what happened on June 4, when Jackson allegedly took advantage of her. Corinne added that she has also enlisted the services of legal professionals to “obtain justice,” and is “seeking therapy” to help her deal with the “physical and emotional trauma” that resulted from he alleged incident.

What are your thoughts on what DeMario Jackson’s ex, Lexi Thexton, has said about the embattled reality star, and about how he may or may not be involved in the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct scandal?

[Featured Image by ABC]