Kim Jong Un Romper Called ‘The Worst Thing On The Internet,’ Incredibly Popular Design Sells For $79.99

A new male fashion trend called Kim Jong Un rompers might take some time getting used to. In fact, the North Korean dictator-inspired clothing apparel might just prove too much for some men with some calling it “the worst thing on the internet.”

For those clueless on the latest fashion trend, which probably includes the majority of males whose idea of fashion is just a pair of jeans and a clean shirt, rompers for men is actually the latest craze to hit the fashion world. Simply put, it is the male version of the women’s rompers with minor tweaks to better accommodate the male physique.

Apparently, it all started with a Kickstarter campaign for RompHim last month, according to GQ. The magazine was able to interview Daniel Webster Clark and Elaine Chen, two of the four co-founders of the new venture, in their Northern University headquarters, on the surprising popularity of their unique product.

As Chen explained it, RompHim is a passion project that their group started. They were looking for something new and different that does not yet exist in the market. And since Chen loves rompers for women, why not try to package it for men?

“We think this is a way for guys to have a new option in their wardrobe, to have fun, to feel unique, and take it wherever it goes. If they’re comfortable with themselves in it then we think that’s great.”

Originally, the team gunned for at least $10,000 seed money from Kickstarter. Surprisingly, people just loved their rompers for guys idea, which were initially available in polka-dot patterns and pastel hues variants, that their funds eventually ballooned to $350,000.

RompHim introduced a few changes to the women romper to make its product a little more comfortable for men. For instance, they are touted to be more pee-friendly, a feat that was achieved by introducing a zipper. But for the more adventurous ones, there is always the King Jong Un romper as a new option.

Of course, not everybody is impressed with the new option. In fact, Cary Chow, ESPN host and anchor, hated and described it in a Twitter post as “the worst thing on the internet,” according to an SFGate article.

And wearing North Korea’s dear leader’s face does not come cheap. The Kim Jong Un romper costs $79.99 on Getonfleek but the item’s mysterious description might just urge buyers to give it a try.

“Our Kim Jong Un Romper for men is the perfect all over print mens romper, made with premium double sided sublimation.”

The site claims that the Kim Jong Un romper is incredibly popular, advising buyers to pre-order now with an estimated July delivery. And besides, it’s probably the best romper design to choose if you want to scare someone.

[Featured Image by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images]