Kate Gosselin Celebrates Sextuplets’ 13th Birthday On New Episode Of ‘Kate Plus 8’

Kate Gosselin is officially the mother of eight teenagers. The Kate Plus 8 star, who’s mom to 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara Gosselin, will document the 13th birthday of her sextuplets on an upcoming episode of the supersized clan’s TLC reality show. Us Weekly shared a sneak peek video of the Gosselin kids’ birthday bash, which shows Kate going all out (as usual) to give her kids a memorable day.

The Gosselin children are no strangers to having their birthdays taped for the world to see — the kids have had everything from parties at the park to a full-on carnival bash — but for their entry into the teen years, they chose a camping theme.

The video shows Gosselin girls Alexis, Hannah, and Leah “glamping” with their friends. But forget the sleeping bags, these girls prefer pink couches inside their white tent. And s’mores take a back seat to mani/pedis.

On the flip side, the Gosselin boys, Aaden and Joel, go into real camping mode as they play archery tag and hang out by a bonfire. Collin Gosselin, the son who is getting help for educational and behavioral issues, does not appear to be in the video, even when the boys reunite with their sisters for their annual “Happy Birthday” song.

Of course, Kate, who reportedly supports her kids with little financial help from ex-husband Jon Gosselin, takes a moment to express her worries about raising so many children as a single mother.

“Being in a family of eight kids and a single mom — worrying about their present, their future, how to feed them, their college, how they turn out — you never stop worrying,” Kate says.


Jon and Kate Gosselin’s kids actually turned 13 on May 10, but the birthday bash won’t play out on TLC until exactly two months later, on July 10. On the sextuplets’ actual big day, both Jon and Kate posted sweet messages to their social media pages.

Kate posted cute throwback photos of her kids as preschoolers with “reenactments” of the same photos as teens.


Jon Gosselin posted a photo of a birthday cake with the sextuplets’ name on it.


Jon Gosselin told E! News that he prepared a special dinner for his kids on their big day.

“I cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill and we did presents and played football in the backyard,” the Gosselin dad said. “After that, we did cake and ice cream. It was good.”

Kate has the eight kids in her custody most of the time while Jon sees some of his brood “once a week for dinner and every other weekend.”

Kate Gosselin and her kids return to Kate Plus 8 Monday, July 10, at 10 p.m. ET. on TLC.

[Featured Image by Matt Slocum/AP Images]