‘Justice League’ Movie: 2017 Set Photos Reveal DCEU’s Hall Of Justice?

The Justice League will usher in the first cinematic DCEU team-up later in 2017, and it looks like some interesting photos from the film set have been teased. DC World’s Twitter feed could possibly indicate that the Hall of Justice may be in the comic book-based movie. However, keep in mind that Dumbo is also being filmed at the same location so there comes to question what props and set pieces go to whom. One cannot be so sure, but the shape of the set piece does have an architectural similarity to the Hall of Justice.

For The CW fans, this does drum up Flash’s Season 3 episode where an unused building owned by Barry Allen showed similar characteristics of the iconic building. So it looks like Hollywood has been consistent across both TV and movies in keeping things suggestive without saying it outright.

Justice League movie fans were also treated to the first set photos from Bedfordshire, England, according to Batman-News. The publication suggested that the photos could be teasing Wonder Woman’s past seeing that there was a German vehicle logo displayed.

Wonder Woman had its own set of Easter eggs planted throughout the film, teasing the Justice League, so it would make sense that a flashback scene in the team-up flick could be possible.

The following day there was a clear photo of most likely a gargoyle statue that was also seen in one of the Justice League trailers. One of those scenes showed Batman standing on it. Another one was a Gotham city taxi.

The above photo displays a trolley-like vehicle, a bus, an old vehicle, and also what looks to be a ’70s or ’80s-themed car. There were quite a few covered pieces which were indecipherable, which means they are doing a pretty good job keeping things concealed. Perhaps the German symbol was purposely left unveiled for onlooking photographers?

There is no telling what the Justice League movie will entail just by looking at these photos, but there’s nothing like an iconic piece of architecture to titillate the nostalgia bone. The design seems rather decorative in nature, with an arc similar to the comic book version.

Justice League Movie Hall Of Justice

What’s your take on these possible Justice League 2017 movie set photos? Do you think the Hall of Justice will make its first debut in the movie come Nov. 17? Do you think Bruce Wayne will make this place his home away from home?

Hopefully, we’ll find out more as this DCEU team-up takes on all evils.

[Featured Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]