Why Jinger Duggar Fans Are Disgusted By Her Instagram Proclamation That ‘God’s Creation Is Incredible’

Jinger Duggar loves all of God’s creatures, great and small, but some of her fans think that she’s crazy for praising a tiny Texas pest.

Jinger Duggar moved to Laredo, Texas, with Jeremy Vuolo over seven months ago, but she’s still getting acquainted with the local wildlife. Because Jinger doesn’t have a job, she has plenty of time to go exploring while her pastor husband works on his weekly sermons, and she made a discovery that amazed her during one of these recent excursions: an ant bed swarming with fire ants. Instead of grabbing some insect spray and going to town, Jinger got up close and personal with the creepy-crawly critters by getting down on the ground and filming them scurrying around. She later shared her nature video on Instagram.

“God’s creation is incredible,” she captioned her creation.

However, some Duggar fans weren’t quite as impressed with the small insects that pack a powerful sting. They speculated that Jinger has never been stung by a fire ant, or else she’d feel differently about them. A few of her Instagram followers even questioned her sanity for praising something capable of causing so much pain.

“Jinger….what did you put in your coffee this morning?!!??” asked one of the Counting On star’s fans.

“Ummm those are fire ants, may be the devils creation! Just sayin!” wrote another.

“Incredible and gross. Eww,” read another comment.


Some fans speculated that the Duggar daughter must be bored out of her mind if she’s filming ants crawling around.

“Good grief. Are you that bored that you are watching fire ants?” commented one fan.

There are actually two types of fire ants that are commonly found in the Duggars’ home state of Arkansas, according to the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, so this may not actually be Jinger’s first encounter with the insects. However, her older sister, Jill Duggar, claims that she never had any problems with the pests until she moved to El Salvador to live as a missionary. In one of her mission trip updates, Jill wrote that she and her toddler son, Israel, suffered an ant attack shortly after they returned from one of their stateside visits.

“Israel and I were also welcomed ‘home’ by a couple of fire ant bites (something we aren’t used to back home in NW Arkansas),” Jill Dugar said, as reported by the Hollywood Gossip.

Luckily for Duggar fans who aren’t fans of creepy crawlies, Jinger also has a soft spot in her heart for cuter, cuddlier critters. For her most recent Throwback Thursday photo, she shared a picture of Jeremy Vuolo chilling out with a mob of kangaroos. The snapshot was taken during the couple’s Australian honeymoon.


Jinger Duggar won’t see any kangaroos hopping around in her new hometown, but she did recently encounter a tiny creature that’s almost as adorable as the Aussie animals. Last week, the amateur photographer shared an artistic photo of a speckled gecko that she discovered hanging around outside of her apartment.

“This friendly little guy was outside our place this morning,” she captioned the image.


Jinger Duggar seems to be desperately seeking animal companionship, so perhaps she and Jeremy Vuolo should seriously consider getting a pet.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]