Florida Teen Charged With Domestic Battery In Alleged Cheeseburger-Related Incident

A Florida man allegedly got into a physical beef with his mother over a cheeseburger, resulting in his arrest for domestic battery.

According to the police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, the St. Petersburg resident, 19, got into an argument in the family kitchen about a cheeseburger on Monday night. In the arrest affidavit, authorities claim that he spat in the face of his mother, 57, and smacked the cheeseburger out of her hand, striking her on the arm and hand in the process.

The Smoking Gun indicates that the suspect may have confessed to responding officers about his actions after they read him his Miranda rights.

Cops charged him with the misdemeanor of domestic battery, and he reportedly spent about about a half day at the Pinellas County Jail before being released on his own recognizance. The court ordered him to stay away from his mother in the meantime.

“In the report, it seems that there may have been an indication of drug influence in the altercation,” the Daily Mail added.

As the Inquisitr has previously chronicled, this is not the first domestic meltdown when a cheese topping is involved. For whatever reason, the grilled cheese sandwich, in particular, seems to turn up the heat at home.


For example, in early January, Baltimore County police, including the SWAT team, and cops from neighboring jurisdictions responded to what was called a barricade situation after shots were allegedly fired in an incident that supposedly got started over a grilled cheese sandwich. Neighbors were told to shelter in place during the deployment, which closed several surrounding roads.

The suspected who allegedly fired a gun when someone sampled his sandwich surrendered peacefully to hostage negotiators that evening in the Dundalk, Maryland, occurrence. No one was injured in the encounter allegedly prompted by the grilled cheese dispute.

Also from the Inquisitr:


Last August, a reportedly hot-tempered Georgia man landed in jail after an alleged domestic dispute over the preparation of a grilled cheese sandwich when his wife made him a sandwich with three slices of cheese instead of two. In the argument, the suspect allegedly pulled the phone from the wall to prevent his family from calling 911. At the time, cops arrested the man for obstruction of a 911 call and trespass/damage to property.

in July 2015, a pregnant Arkansas woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a pair of scissors after the couple apparently argued about a grilled cheese sandwich being made as a midnight snack. The woman was charged with domestic battery.

In a disturbing episode in a public setting that occurred in October 2015, some apparently impatient passengers on a Carnival Cruise ship got into a brawl while waiting on line for cheeseburgers.

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