Selena Gomez Struggling To Be Apart From Boyfriend As Tour Continues: How She’s Coping

Selena Gomez finds it extremely difficult to be apart from The Weeknd when he’s on tour, and this time has proven itself to be no different, it’s been reported.

The singer is finding it ever-so-hard to let her boyfriend go and continue his duties touring the world, having shared some amazing memories with the “Starboy” hitmaker in recent weeks that have made her love for him that much stronger.

While Selena Gomez tries to accompany her beau on the road as much as she can, now that she’s finishing up her new album in Los Angeles, her schedule isn’t as flexible as it once was, meaning that she has no choice but to stay thousands of miles apart from her man.

It’s the hardest thing for Selena Gomez to go through right now, a source tells Hollywood Life, mentioning that the songstress hasn’t spent much time on her own since leaving rehab last year. So being apart from The Weeknd now will certainly be the longest time that the duo hasn’t seen one another.

Selena and The Weeknd may not see each other for weeks, but as one source explains, the former Disney Channel star will try her hardest to find ways in order for her to reunite with her beau as often as possible, simply because she can’t be away from him for too long.

“She’s going to miss him like crazy, but will be joining him on tour as much as possible, and when they’re not together physically, they FaceTime every day without fail. Selena [Gomez] is kinda sad that Abel [Tesfaye] is on tour now for the rest of the year, but she, obviously, understands it’s an essential part of being a hugely successful music star.”

As hard as it may be for Selena Gomez, her boyfriend being on the road is actually giving her plenty of time to get back in the studio and finish up her album without being distracted by the presence of The Weeknd.

Sources claim that there’s a chance the “Secrets” singer will be featuring on his girlfriend’s forthcoming album, having allegedly had several studio sessions with her earlier this year. It’s unclear whether Selena Gomez was recording material for her album, but it would sure seem like it.

Selena Gomez hasn’t shared any specific release date for the new record, but given that she’s just put out her latest single, “Bad Liar,” the album is just around the corner and fans will be surprised to hear the growth in her music, as previously stressed by an insider.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]