Kylie Jenner Removing Ex-Boyfriend’s Tattoo, Why She Wants To Move On With Travis

Kylie Jenner is making headlines for allegedly wanting to remove her tattoo of Tyga’s name from her body, having come to the realization that the duo will never get back together.

Rumors quickly circulated, with the majority of them claiming that Kylie Jenner is happier than ever being with her beau, Travis Scott, and by keeping her tattoo of the father of two, it would eventually give her new man the impression that she still has feelings for Tyga.

Despite endless rumors being made regarding Kylie Jenner’s alleged decision to remove a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name, sources tell Hollywood Life that there’s absolutely no truth to the claims being made on social media and in the tabloids.

The celebrity news outlet stresses that the last thing on Kylie Jenner’s mind right now is whether or not she wants to remove Tyga’s name from her body. It hasn’t bothered her in the slightest, and though things are going great between her and Travis, she sees no rush to immediately have it removed.

What’s further mentioned is that since Kylie Jenner and Scott have only been together for two months, the duo is still figuring out whether or not they are even meant to be together, and while it’s been said that Tyga would be open to reuniting with his ex-girlfriend, Kylie has been hesitating.

She’s unsure about a reconciliation with her former beau, but she’s also not shutting the doors on him just yet, according to latest rumors. Once she’s realized where she stands with Travis and whether or not she really sees herself having a future with the rapper, she can say goodbye to the 27-year-old, but until then, she’s keeping the tattoo.

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“She’s not planning on erasing her Tyga tattoo,” a source tells the site. Kylie Jenner wants “to cover it up with a new design at some point in the future,” but that, of course, would only be if she hasn’t gotten back with the “Faded” rapper by then.

News of Kylie Jenner deciding to keep her tattoo of her ex-boyfriend while dating Travis comes just two months after the E! network confirmed that the 19-year-old will be starring in her own spin-off show titled Life of Kylie, premiering this July.

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