Chris Brown: Why Rihanna Didn’t React To His Proposal Confession: Couple Never Getting Back Together?

Chris Brown is surprised to see that Rihanna hasn’t reacted to his confession that he had plans to propose to the singer while they were still together.

As seen in the singer’s new film, Welcome to My Life, Chris Brown openly admits that there was a time things were going so great between him and his ex-girlfriend that he definitely had it planned to eventually get on one knee and make it official.

At the time, Chris Brown says he couldn’t have seen himself with anyone but Rih-Rih, adding that she made him feel like the luckiest man on earth. The romance he shared with Rihanna at the time couldn’t have been described to any other, he continues.

Making such a personal revelation in his film was important to Chris Brown for many reasons — one of them being that he had hoped Rihanna would react to the news in a positive manner and potentially consider the idea of reconciling with her former flame.

The 29-year-old never knew that Chris Brown had made plans to pop the question, and though she is said to have heard about the comments Breezy made in his film, Rihanna hasn’t reacted to it by any means. Not on social media and not to her friends.

Chris Brown feels as if his ex-girlfriend simply doesn’t care anymore. He’s hurt by the fact that Rihanna didn’t even bother reaching out and question him about whether or not he really saw himself marrying the “Diamonds” songstress.

“Chris wanted to get a reaction from Rihanna, that was the whole point of telling the world that he was planning to propose to her,” a source gushes to Hollywood Life.

“He’s been trying to get her attention and it hasn’t really been working so he upped his game. And that still didn’t work. Rihanna hasn’t called, texted, nothing. He’s disappointed, he was expecting something more to come out of it.”

Chris Brown thinks that the chances of him reconciling with Rihanna in the future are second to none. She hasn’t been paying him any attention in recent months, and though she’s single, the duo has barely spoken to one another aside from being cordial when being at the same events together.

Rih-Rih has more or less hinted that she’s moved on with her life and isn’t looking to get back with her ex-boyfriend, but if there’s one thing she still wants from Chris Brown, it would be to remain on good terms. After all, they’ll constantly be running into each other at events.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]