Tiny Harris Revenge Plan: Hires Hot Personal Trainer To Spite T.I. After Bernice Split?

Tiny Harris has reportedly hired a very attractive personal trainer as she prepares to get her body in the best shape this summer.

It goes without saying, however, that one of the reasons why she was so picky with choosing the right trainer was mainly because she wants to get underneath T.I.’s skin now that she’s learned the rapper has ended his romance with Bernice Burgos.

T.I. and Bernice had been seeing one another since January, just one month after Tiny Harris had made it known she was filing for divorce from her estranged husband.

But in recent weeks, the “Live Your Life” star’s relationship with Bernice fell flat, consequently leading T.I. to call it quits and consider the idea of making things right with Tiny Harris, who he’s reportedly told family and friends is more than open to reconciling with.

From what’s been gathered, the last couple of months have made T.I. realize that Tiny Harris is the only woman he wants to be with, and that stepping out of their marriage to hook up with other women, as mentioned by Tiny, was a big mistake.

Of course, the damage has been done, and whether or not Tiny Harris is even considering the idea of getting back together with T.I. has yet to be determined.

For now, Tiny Harris is teasing her estranged husband the best way she knows how. Hollywood Life claims that the singer has hired a personal trainer who is so good looking, he’s bound to make T.I. jealous and leave him filled with rage the more time that the duo is working out together.

“Tiny loves having the shoe on the other foot, now he knows how she felt when he was with Bernice. Tiny and all her friends think this man is hot as hell and T.I. knows it,” an insider explains.

“He’s been sending Tiny messages questioning her about this guy, he’s having a meltdown. This guy is exactly her type. His name’s Kory Phillips and he owns a couple of gyms. He’s younger than TI and taller than him too. He’s got dreads and a six pack and lots of tattoos, he’s perfect.”

Tiny Harris and T.I. have remained on good terms following their decision to file for divorce, with sources adding that it’s been very important for the duo to put their children’s needs before their own — any drama should be left behind for the sake of their kids.

But now that T.I. is catching feelings again, it’s hard to tell whether or not Tiny Harris would even want to entertain another reunion with the rapper.

Do you think Tiny Harris will end up reconciling with the man she once claimed was the love of her life?

[Featured Image by Prince Williams/Getty Images]